I have changed the buckle of the strap of my finow x5 with a

I have changed the buckle of the strap of my finow x5 with a butterly buckle. Nice, easy and cheap solution in order to increase the duración of the watch strap.

Hi JFA, that looks very interesting… I’m finding that my strap is just a little too lose or a just little too tight… this could be a good solution… I’ve never seen one before, where did you get it?

You can find it on eBay. Just introduce “butterly buckle”

Butterly or Butterfly?

Butterfly, sorry!

Ebay here I come… 🖒

Very nice, a further step to improve this wonderful watch.

Ordered and paid for… I’ll keep you posted… :slight_smile:

I find it on aliexpress 3.30$. Thanks for your advice.

What size band width should I order for the X5 ?thanks

@J.Francisco_Arnillas what size band did you order on ebay for the x5? Thanks

@A1_Web 20mm

@J.Francisco_Arnillas thanks

@Andrew_Davis thanks

Very nice! This should help make the bands last much longer. If it would only boost the GPS antenna pickup as well!

Queda perfecta , he comprado una en Amazon y se instala facilmente

Estoy a la espera de la mina para llegar…

My butterfly buckle arrived today… it works very well… thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you Andrew. And thank you for your impressive job making custom faces for our watches.

got mine too :slight_smile: