I have changed the buckle of the strap of my finow x5 with a

is the size of d5 strap also 20mm?

@Marcin_Czerski_szank I bought a 20mm for my D5… fits perfectly… bought on eBay and came from China…

i’m thinking about sth like this : http://pl.aliexpress.com/item/Wholesale-Men-s-Watchbands-Bracelet-18mm-20mm-22mm-Stainless-Steel-Watch-Band-Strap-Straight-End-Solid/32593411909.html?isOrigTitle=true

You can’t change the strap! The wifi and gps antennas are inside “!”

really? Thanks for the tip :confused:

The GPS-Antenna seems useless, as it is not working at all!

hello this hardware mod its ok for WATCH N01 D5 ? regards

this will work with ANY leather strap, it’s not a MOD, just a new buckle :smiley:

ok thanks but are you a link for buy it and for antenna gps and bluetooth ?

@Bug_69 Not a new leather strap - you keep your existing strap… you buy a “butterfly buckle” to replace the buckle on the leather strap… I bought mine on eBay…


OK Thanks you very mutch but whats replace the buckle ?

The thing is that the leather strap with the original buckle suffers everytime you open or close it. If you change the buckle, your strap will last much more. It is important, because changing the original strap is not an easy job and you can damage the antennas inside it

@Bug_69 2:22 and a good sound track…

thanks for this vidéo regards

I WILL Buy for my D5 thanks you very well friends

Its ok buckle of the strap of my N01 D5 regards

Which version and how many millimeters it must be to attack the D5.

@Carlo_Martinelli ??? have you read the earlier comments :slight_smile: