I have 2 x Thor Pro's that both died, anyone else?

I bought a Thor Pro for myself and for my Dad for Father’s Day. We both loved them. Loved the transflective screen especially. Owned them about 3-4 months when one day I woke up, went to get my Thor Pro from the charger and found that it would not switch on. Thought perhaps I hadn’t plugged it in right, but I had. Nothing I did would make it boot-up (yes I held down power button for 20-30 seconds). Left it in charger and went to work thinking when I got back maybe it would be fine…nope. Had to post a message on facebook saying people couldn’t call my mobile number right now because it was out of action (the Thor Pro is currently my only mobile phone). My Dad then messaged me to say the same thing had happened to his Thor Pro a week ago but he hadn’t told me yet!
I thought…maybe it is the chargers. So I ordered two new chargers. When they arrived I tried to power up my Pro, to no avail. 
I have now sent them both back to TomTop in China with postage costs a quarter of the price I paid for them. I think it is probably a battery quality issue as the fact that they both died so close to each other with roughly the same amount of use seems to suggest that. 
I really hope Tomtop is reliable with returns :frowning:
Has anyone else had this problem? It is concerning if they are all going to die within 6 months use!

My battery meter has been unreliable from the getgo but it still runs “fine” after 6 full months. Sorry to hear about yours

Mar 23, 2019 16:00:28 GMT 2 aeger said:

1. NEVER charge over night your watch or any device.
  1. you  should have falshed first the watches before sending them to see if the issue was caused by an app.

  2. always buy from a reliable store like ones Zeblaze works with.

plz notify here what happened, did you get the watches fixed? did you get new ones? 

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Hi…My Thor Pro died back in May. So did my newer Thor 4 Dual. I ordered new batteries and a new “back” for the “Dual”
My Thor Pro Battery was swelled from overnight charging. Replaced it and the watch came back and functions well except heart rate sensor. I may have damaged the ribbon cable… Not sure yet.
The Dual requires a lot more to change the battery and the “back” which is actually more than just a back.
I wish watch manufactures would print in big letters something like “Do not charge for more than 90 minutes” or whatever the best charging time is. Thinking about using a timer to stop charging after a set time.

I’ve modified some samsung gear s Smartwatches 2 years ago. I made 500 mah batterys fit instead of the original 360 mah. So I collected some experiences with LIPO batterys. If a lipo battery swelled, it’s not propper sealed. It doesn’t depends from the charging time…
Make a tiny hole in your battery- and it will start to swelled.


Nailed it Gin! It does not matter how long you leave it on the charger!

I have every night the thor pro in the charger. Has almost a year now and battery is like when I first got it.

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yeah so Tom Top told me it was a battery issue but had no advice as to why it happened or how to prevent it happening again other than ‘do not soak the watch in water, and do not overcharge’.
Neither me nor my father did any of those things to our watches and yet they both died within a couple weeks of each other. Sounds like a shit quality battery to me.
R_Sauvalle, I have no confidence in buying these watches again (Tom Top only gave me like 75% refund!) however if yours is a true experience and not a Zeblaze plant I may give it one more go. I really like the transflective screen.
OneMat, I just bought a Thor 4 Dual and I already have a split developing in the backing plate where the charging pins are…less than 3 weeks usage! I have no more confidence in Zeblaze products and am going to try some other brand that doesn’t use plastic in the backing plate if possible.

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Onemat, can you explain how u replaced the battery in your Thor Pro? If it is relatively simple I will get some more Thor Pro’s and some back up batteries so I can fix it when the time comes!

Can’t flash a watch that is dead, watches were bought from Tom Top (Pro’s) and Banggood (Thor 4) both quite unsatisfactory as they only refund 60% to 75% of your purchase costs and don’t bother to replace or repair at all. And they take up to 9 months to even do that.

Hello Aeger
I ordered the battery from Zeblaze. It actually shipped from California and I live in the US so I received it in about 2 weeks.
If possible wear an anti static bracelet.
Here is how I did it:

  1. Removed the 4 screws.
  2. Lift up the back cover just slightly…high enough to see the ribbon cable going to the back. It is the ribbon cable going to the heart rate sensor. Do not yank the cover off but just move it taking tension of that cable.
    3 The battery is laid in the watch space. There is no glue.
  3. As you carefully lift up on the battery there is one ribbon cable under it which connects to the main board. Mine was already unplugged because I had a swelled battery.
  4. As you remove the battery take note of where the connection is as this will help you install the new battery. If the ribbon cable is still connected, carefully use your fingernail or a spudger to pry it off. Pry on the opposite side of the plug from where the ribbon is attached.
  5. Position the new battery but plug in the little connecter to the board before fully installing the battery.
  6. Gently pit the back back in place and replace the 4 screws.
  7. The new battery will probably have some charge on it, so try turning the watch on. It took a few minutes for the watch to boot up and the battery had 65% on it.
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Thanks for that info! So no soldering which would have made it too difficult for me. I think I will take the chance on a couple more of these Pro’s as nobody is making the transflective screen in the other brands which I find so useful. I appreciate that the other screens look nicer when inside but i prefer practicality to aesthetics. Also the Pro’s have a metal backing plate whereas the other Zeblaze models are plastic and i have have now had splits occurring at the charging pin area in both a Thor 4 and and a Thor 4 Dual :frowning:

Good luck with your Thor Pro. Right now I’m trying to determine the correct charge time on the Pro. Today it has taken an hour to get to 50%. There may be several factors involvedc like the condition of the charge contacts and the particular charge I am using. One thing for sure is I am not charging anything over night anymore. I’m going to try my Dual when I can. I’ll let you know how that goes.

remember to clean the charger pin in and out

@onemat @rafael_duarte @aeger

  • turn off the the watch
  • charge it to 100%
  • remove cable
  • reinsert cable

what happens here? does it still say 100% battery? Mine says 86% and I always need to charge again in order to extend capability to it’s fullest.

You need to calibrate sometimes the battery of the watch and the best way is discharge completely empty battery and charger again to fully, there’s a problems with those watch not completely waterproof, even my Thor pro 3g die for that reason best watch so far, I did a complete mod to the Watch make from black to silver, I did polishes, change one time the strap the same one, clean the Pogo pin inside and outside, because one time the watch doesn’t want to charge it,My Thor 4 pro I did the same thing because my PC is not recognizing the watch and after cleaning everything is ok,I do recommend to use film screen protector for the display and the back rear case of the watch too for waterproofing you will find the right one for the back case. Something else root the watch for better results.


OK, So I pulled the trigger and ordered 2 more Thor Pro’s from Tom Top (one for me one for my Dad). Let’s see if I can get them to last for over 12 months (previous record being 4 months) !!
AliExpress (whom I bought my Thor 4 Dual from) have offered to send me a replacement backing plate for my split/cracking one …I hope that’s easy to replace!

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Has anyone noticed that the crack in the back-plate seems to be originating around the pin contact points? I wonder if it is heat related during charging. Just a thought. KEEP YOUR PINS AND CONTACT POINTS CLEAN! (alcohol pad). Be careful not to get alcohol on the screen by mistake!:slightly_smiling_face:

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When my Thor 4 Dual was delivered I checked the backing plate near the pins because I had already experienced a split with a Thor 4 previously ( a pin even fell out). The Dual had the minutest of splits right near one of the charging pin holes…barely a millimeter in length…in 3 weeks of use the cracking has spread to the extent that you see in the picture I posted above. In retrospect I should have notified Aliexpress of the flaw in my backing plate immediately on receipt of the watch but I did not expect it to spread like it has.
I doubt I would be able to dirty the pins within 3 weeks to the point that this would happen.
Basically it is my belief that there is an issue with construction and the drilling of the holes in the backing plates for the pins to fit in that is causing small cracks in the plastic next to the holes. Over time and the natural heating and shrinking that occurs during charging these minute cracks become larger and larger!


So, AliExpress have offered to send me a replacement backing plate for my Thor 4 Dual with the split in the back. However I have to pay for 5 of them and also I have to fix it myself. What great warranty service you get from these Chinese companies :frowning: