I found a way to create and install custom watchfaces to KW88 default launcher.

I found a way to create and install custom watchfaces to KW88 default launcher. No need for rooting the watch or 3-rd party launcher.

In order to do this you have to pack watchface resources in apk.


:+1: :+1: Looks good and sounds great.

WP ^^ Was aware of api from the launcher to get extras outside the Watchnew apk ^^ Nice you find the trick to get it done… Are you a dev from china watchmakers ?

Excellent (again)…

Can this watchface “creator” apk’s be used in alternative launchers?

Finally!!!..Well done.

@Smash_Smashin ​ you are a genius!!!

will be compatible with zeblaze , or lem3, or other smartwatch 6580.

Thank you all, but I’m neither a genius, neither Chinese, I’m just a developer.
As you know the software on KW88 sucks! So, there are a lot of limitations, like: it’s only possible to put resources in the apk, so don’t get too excited! Most of the beautiful watchface images posted here can’t be done that way, because of the limitetions of Watchnew.apk The apk I have linked to this post has a problem too, can you find it?
Please be patient, in few hours I will post some description how to do it.

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Talk about a clifhanger!!!

@Smash_Smashin You’re right, mediatek framework and the launcher is a disaster… That’s why now I’m rooted, will use all but the stock launcher ^^ :wink:

HowTo as promised:

Reading your instructions, it’s a commendable efford you did here.
The function of the clock is explained in detail, but also a conclusion is made.
I believe it’s possible to create some clocks with this, but the restrictions are stiff.
But as all the other routes taken, they all have their pro’s and cons.
Thank you very much for sharing this option with us.

The only thing is missing right now, is to disable the horrible interface when twist the wrist with digital clock
. Thanks

Ahh, now I understand why the other guy was asking about packing these into apk files :+1::+1:

This guy is trying the same thing I think https://plus.google.com/105404385251455057482/posts/KzqywLJ8u1a

Howto updated

Excellent work :slight_smile: