I changed some things around and this face now dims automatically

I changed some things around and this face now dims automatically. Thanks again @fevama_vama . Never actually posted the day version but with dimming possibilities it only makes sense. Just wish we could change the hours a bit, but for now it is what it is. I highlighted the seconds hand to be more prominent and sharpened the dim dial as best as it can be. I may lessen the lume on the H/M hands to make them more friendly on the day dial. Hope you like the changes. Original creation design by Mike Mckee.





This is great! We need to know about dim time rule in late 2.xml. It is 10AM(10:00) & 8PM(20:00) at current state. I want to set timing to 6/18 that look much close to my area.

Thx man! i already made a version of this with better images (sharper images) i’m going to look how this is thx! its one of my favorite watch theme.

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@Jesse_Wu It’s not about “setting the time” it’s about using a 24 hour digital array to display a “dim” when the time is 00-09… no “dim” when the time is 10-19… and “dim” again when the time is 20-23… the first number on the 24 hour time adds the “dim” ie 0 and 2 add the “dim”… this watch has a nice little detail in that it also changes the face for day and night viewing… :slight_smile:

Try this as an alternative… the possibility exists to set the times you want the watch the “dim”… (I also added a touch of colour to the sub-dial hands for easier viewing in dim mode)…


Yeah I finished this at midnight so was planning on changing the hands a little today. Was going to bring sub-dial hands forward of the shade but a touch of color is nice. Curious though, how are the settings available to change the hour which it dims? Other than 0, 2.

@Edward_Henry Ah ha!.. open the file in CSM and have a look at the changes I made… (if you can’t quite work it out I will tell you :slight_smile: )

@Andrew_Davis I am at work today but I see what you did and that’s very clever on your part. A more gradual effect is a great idea!The dimming technique has just moved up a notch! (or 2 or3)! Maybe you could pm the details?

@Edward_Henry I’m not sure how to pm through this board… but I can add details here :slight_smile:

I design from scratch rather than port… and generally make my images 400x400 (rather than 512x512… I like to have a consistent image size to work from… there are exceptions however, and in this instance I added a 2000x2000 image which had a black gradient at 85% opacity… the gradient covers roughly half of the image, so starts to “dim” after 12 hours of “light”… depending upon the start angle of the image the dim can be set to start at whatever time you want… as I said, the gradient image I made roughly dims for 12 hours but you could easily make it dim for (say) 8 hours by having a gradient filter covering a 120 degree sector…

Such a gradient filter on a small (400x400) image would give the effect of dimming only half of the watch face (not desirable)… by making a large (2000x2000) image this effect is much less apparent…

With this method you must also use the image in the 24 hours rotate array…

This is not a particularly large watchskin file (1.2Mb?)… however, large files can cause problems for small watches…

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I think this is getting better and better :)… What about now? :)… Since we are now able to change at certain hours the whole background, in order to make a smaller folder for the watch, I have reduce the number of xml files, and change directly the background image for the array with the two different images. The result is a no change in the final effect. We can dim or edit as much as we like the night one hardcopying the fading images or hour marks or numbers directly in the file (in this case sharper1), the big fader effect is great for not making so abrupt the change from one view to the next. This way the file is smaller than 1 MB and there are less xml to precess.

@Andrew_Davis I’ve tested your work. Great job and much more close to lifetime use! I think we can “dim the same” it to 2 hours one step. That will make sense to “10”.

OK, I’m done for my goal, not perfect but good enough.
Because base face is at nighttime. so, 1st. We need to create two array_hour(FaceMask_1x.xml & FaceMask_070809.xml) to mask face on daytime. The 1x.xml replace only 1 to Face_Day image. The 070809.xml replace 7/8/9 also. These will cover 07~19. All other number image set No_Mask. 2nd.The 1x.xml locate at center X=200. The 070809.xml locate at center x=200. That’s all. :)
If you want to dim it as Andrew’s work. That will take more dramatic show on.
I’ve change small clock pin to 2nd timezone as rotate_24hrs also. And, change small second pin to moon phase. That looks good for me. :slight_smile:

I really like this project. Hope you can make it work just like the seiko

Andrew Davis has linked his perfectly dimming version just a few comments up.^^^ I also have an improved version (using this technique) of the Seiko I will post soon.

@Edward_Henry have you tried different versions (size, tint, gradient fill, opacity etc) of “the big fader” ? :slight_smile:

not yet but will let you know.

The MASK method only works on 24H. If I set clock to 12Hours format will change at hignnoon.

How can i install as my watch face

I must be a noob! I only get the night version on my lem5. Yes its on 24h and its 09:02 cet. When i download the http://test.zip i get 41 files. Am i missing something?

Update: it works!

Hi this is such a great watch face, i have a question, how can I edit the time it switches to dim mode? Thanks.

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