I changed some things around and this face now dims automatically

Good evening beautiful work, I would like to download it but it does not allow me to do it, how can I do

Good evening pro to ask to be able to have this fantastic dial, but I have no answers, how can I do, thanks in advance,

This message and for @G1NT0N1C and administrators. I would like to understand why I do not have the possibility of being able to have this fantastic dial I have made the request to the holder many times, but I have never had any nod. I am putting my works on the forum and I am happy to share them. Being a kind person I respond to those who write to me … But don’t be considered by this user, by a bit of annoyance. Sure of your clarification distinguished greetings.

well, no one is obliged to answer you. In this case, however, the reason is that the author has not been online for a long time. If the download link no longer works, you can ask if someone has this face. If yes, I can update the download link.

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Good morning ok thanks, yes if you can update the download link.

I don’t have this face. I can only update the download link if another member has this watchface.

Ok thanks for your interest

Good evening someone has this dial with this function. Thank you in advance