How to kill the annoying boot/shutdown sound!

Finally I made it to kill this $%&§ sound on boot and shutdown (sounds like a news-intro on TV).

It´s very simple, but to kill the mp3 files you have to root. Luckily this is no problem with the help of our friend noidremained.

So first this: How to root the x7

and then go to /system/media and kill/burn/delete/rename the files bootaudio.mp3 and shutaudio.mp3 (it is not hard to find, the only two mp3 files in the folder!)

Alternative: To prank someone you could replace it with a 10 hours nyan cat mp3, but maybe the device will crash :wink:

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If you have a watch running Android 5.1, the app “Silent Boot” will turn off the sounds. I tried it in the Lem 7 and it appears not to work in Android 7.0↑.

Also works in my Samsung S7 Active.

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Yeah, not working here. Then you need root to kill it.

Cheers Jonathan. Indeed won’t work on android 7.1. I’m not into the whole rooting thing. Learnt a lesson when I jailbroke iPad. I just need a switch on and off button…
Why these manufacturers can’t include the most basic of functions remains beyond me. Great having 32gb 3gbram face recognition blah blah, but not being able to switch on without leaving the room🤨

As I generally start the watch before putting it on I offer a simple solution, for those watches where the speaker is easily accessible. With my Lem 10 I simply place my thumb lightly over the speaker. Would work with any watch the speaker is accessible. If not try just cupping the watch in your hand. Maybe not the solution you want but it works.


Haha . I also do this :+1:

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lol it makes me remember when i made my own custom rom one of my phones based MT6589 back in 2013. my friend ask for it so I inserted ride of the valkyries as bootaudio.mp3 in the rom’s flashable zip :rofl:. he almost throw that phone lol :joy:

as told by Louis_Peek :wink:
Put notifications into “silent” mode before powering off. This will completely turn off the sound on powering down and when you turn it back on. Just remember to return to “normal” mode after turn the watch back on again.

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