How to kill the annoying boot/shutdown sound!

Finally I made it to kill this $%&§ sound on boot and shutdown (sounds like a news-intro on TV).

It´s very simple, but to kill the mp3 files you have to root. Luckily this is no problem with the help of our friend noidremained.

So first this: How to root the x7

and then go to /system/media and kill/burn/delete/rename the files bootaudio.mp3 and shutaudio.mp3 (it is not hard to find, the only two mp3 files in the folder!)

Alternative: To prank someone you could replace it with a 10 hours nyan cat mp3, but maybe the device will crash :wink:

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If you have a watch running Android 5.1, the app “Silent Boot” will turn off the sounds. I tried it in the Lem 7 and it appears not to work in Android 7.0↑.

Also works in my Samsung S7 Active.

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Yeah, not working here. Then you need root to kill it.