How to Disable steps counter on Kospet Optimus 2?

In order to save as much battery as possible, I need to disable some functions that I never use, one of them is the Steps counter and also other apps like health functions like Heart rate, sports, etc, these apps together with sensors consume battery, so how to Completely DISABLE the Steps Counter and health sports functions?

Not possible.
If I were you I would get to level 2 membership and then you can access the FAW international firmware.
It is far better for battery consumption and has all unnecessary apps removed.


Hey, thanks for your reply,
“FAW International Firmware”, I assume it means " Full Android Watch International Firmware",
this sounds like a good idea, well, I actually purchased this watch directly from Kospet factory in Shenzhen China, because I live here, I also told them I want to completely disable Health ,steps counter functions to save power so that I can enjoy using Google Assistant on the watch for longer time, but they also told me , it is not possible,

I will surely want to check the " FAW International firmware" out, thanks

Another issue is that, after enabling the " Lock screen" for google assistant , I never managed to wake up and use Google Assistant when the watch screen is off.

my watch is Kospet Optimus 2, what do you think is the problem? do you also have this same model of watch?

You need to read up a bit and learn from all the information here.
I’m sure you will find details of the “Optimisation” app and disabling the “Clean Task” function.