How to disable pattern lock

Greetings. I hope someone can help me with my kospet hope lite. Im using a launcher(not sure which app) and for the screen lock, i choose pattern lock. I forgot the pattern that i choose and now, i dont know how to disable the pattern lock. Can someone help me how to disable the pattern lock and set the watch to original state?

after activating the laucher and pattern lock, its keep drain my battery and i have to charge it repeatedly. so after a while, i dont use the watch and now i totally forgot the pattern lock

You’ll have to flash the firmware.


Ive read the thread related to this problem but i dont understand the proper way to flash the firmware. As i remember, admin did mention to make sure the correct firmware as it will brick otherwise. Can u point to me the thread that show tutorial to flash firmware?

Is your watch a 3/32GB model?

mine is kospet hope lite 1g/16gb rom

I’ll have a look for the needed firmware.


okay @G1NT0N1C very much appreciate your help

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I just had a look at my drive. I do not have the needed firmware. But I’m sure thst @pablo11 can help you out.

Or perhaps could i use this method provided by pablo? is it the firmware that hope lite is using is the same as hope 3/32gb? im very sorry for asking because i hve very little knowledge related to this type of field.

I will post the 1gb + 16gb firmware later today.
Please don’t post links to software that may or may not work for this problem.
The whole point of the lock is to protect personal data.
Yes I know it is annoying but still, it’s there for good reason.

We get visited daily by people who check that we don’t have any dodgy stuff on here.



If you do this it will fail or not boot after.
It’s the wrong firmware for your watch.
Please let me post the correct version



Thanks man☺️ at least now i have some hope to wear my watch again, hopefully it will work. I will notify you once the process is done

@pablo11 One last thing, can i use this method to flash the firmware ? or there is another method that specifically for hope lite ?

This method is the same for all MTK scaler devices (Whenever it’s a FAW or Smartphone)

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Sorry, my fault, i posted the link, removed it. I never lock my phone or any device (too many passwords and usernames://) .

Why does the date say Friday January 1?

In relate to what? @Louis_Peek

The last time it was Friday, January 1 was in 2021.

Have you set the time zone and correct date?
Then enable network.
They had China time zone by default in those days.