How to change volume through clock_skin.xml (tapping at center)

Please tell me which is the correct process to change the volume when I tap at the center of watch.
I am trying this but it must be wrong (I can’t find the correct process name)

<!--	<range>30</range> -->

I take it like the BrightnessDialog … but it must be wrong

Is this any good to you ?

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I prefer not to install an app … I’d like to know the correct process in order to use it when I tap on the center of watchface
My smartwatch is the Kospet Prime SE


@meghgoswami835 I wrote that post not as a solution, but as a rough workaround. It’s not 100% what the OP wants, but close.

Yes, it doesn’t open the volume dialog, but it’s close (still there’s the volume adjustment sounds when you change the volume)

I have tried lots of these with bad results . Basically if you do not get the two complete lines from package viewer on watch its tough . Although i’m sure its not impossible