How do I direct a touch action to a specific program?

I would like to know how to alter the code in a watch face to open Pandora instead of music. I believe I have found the code I need to alter in clock_skin.xml:


I tried replacing with in both “cls” and “pkg” lines but no tap action occurs. I’m thinking I also needed a specific command like MusicBrowserActivity. Ultimately, I would like to know the general formula to customize for a tap action to point to any program.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer

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This should work if it will let me quote it

The solution has already been written by @Dr_Andy_Vishnu . No need to ask 3-4 times. The “ppt” should be read as everything is described step by step.


Thanks for everyone’s help. Unfortunately, none of these work. The only thing I can think of is that I’m not using the stock launcher-- I’m using universal launcher on a rooted LEM X. Tap actions work for music, Google assistant, camera, contacts and phone.

This should work. What does the “Package Names” app write for PANDORA? Write it down here!

Make sure you are checking Capitol letters and copying exactly. The cls and package I posted should work

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And lets not forget . Use package name viewer on WATCH not your phone to get the detail

Install PackageViewer in playstore. This apps is more detail and got few Packageinfo.activities to try.

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