Hi , just got here with my new prime 2

Hi everyone i just arrived after finding this forum. After owning a zeblaze thor 4 pro i have now come into possession of a shiny new kospet prime 2.

very happy with it so far and even more in the last 10 mins when i discovered the “switch to square face” capability as i was thinking searching a video on yourtube app was going to be impossible lol.

one question i have is after activating face unlock which is working great when i lift the watch i must press the screen to go to lockscreen and then it unlocks. is there a way for the watch to go directly to face unlock without first clicking the screen?

also are there animated watch faces to use on this watch?

ill probably have more questions soon.

hope to speak to some of you guys soon.

Try this on your prime 2

As for face unlock its a no .

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There should be an animated shark as one of the build in watchfaces. Did you try to select between the watchfaces ?
Also you can find hundreds of watchfaces in the watchface sections of this forum. JN just posted a live one the other day.

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thanks for the reply about face unlock.
after i download the file from google docs how do i actualy load onto the watch? sorry im still new so gotta catch up.

Hi great so see replies so soon. sorry im still new to this , after downloading the zips from google docs how do i actualy loadthem onto the watch?

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ok imust be missing something , when i plug my prime 2 into windows laptop it starts charging but i dont receive any notification for file trasfer?

Okay . In settings ( connections ) you need to change from charging to data / file transfer after you have plugged into pc . Depending on pc you may need to install drivers . If you do they are in this folder ( ignore the other stuff ! )

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Great i finaly got the fil transfer working,. i ha to go to developer option after doing the build number multi-click. then i used a different laptop :rofl:

got the above clockskin loaded and now know the routue to add more :mechanical_arm:

i also bought the paid version of “WatchDroid” app from playstore.

seems im all up and running now. gonna test out the watch features for a few days see what my next task comes up as

thanks for the replies and help!