Here is my ClockSkin - JN_BlackHole
Build with WFD for #Stocklaucher #Android
Features: Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Day, WeekDay, Month, Year, Battery Level, Steps, Weather, Temperature, Heart Beat and BlackHole animation.
Free to use for everyone in this community… :slight_smile: Do not re-share
Download link:


Very cool @Joao_Nascimento … thanks!

Thanks @Gazman

I’m getting dizzy, but thanks anyway…

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array 64 for the animation? nice one! Where’s that pinup face? :wink: heh

array 64 ?? I don ´t know watt that is, the animation was made just with imagination.

I will test the face later! Well done :slight_smile: you used second rotation for the background?

Yes, you are right @R_Sauvalle. I don`t know another way to do it with WFD and Stock Laucher only .

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