Hi, i'm experiencing a battery drain,

Hi, i’m experiencing a battery drain, and I’m not sure that this kind of drain has been posted:
The Android system process consumes more than 60%. Companion mode, Location services are off, wifi is off and usually im using screen filter, but somehow the battery is over after 3-4 hours. Any ideas?

Are you using the “paid for” or “free” version of Assistive Touch?

The free one, but it’s only the third app

And I’m using adaway

Yesterday, I had exactly the same situation. I turn on the power saving mode and turn off the watch for the night. In the morning all was ok. Now I have 5h and 90% batery

I don’t know Adaway… but I suspect that the “ad’s” in Assertive Touch are causing the problem… I think that somehow they’re always trying to run/access services and therefore eat battery… I’ve collated the results of a simple bench test and plotted a graph - although it relates to a different “Toucher” program it looks like a paid for/ad free app uses normal power but a free/ad heavy app causes serious power drain… :slight_smile:

Does anyone have tried installing the google Doze application ?

My experience : charge the watch with charger 500mA or lower, batt can use 2 days…

You might try uninstalling Assistive Touch and see if that helps. If you do get better battery life, then I’d recommend you switch to Floating Toucher Pro (the paid version) as it has more capability and appears to use very little power. This video has more info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqDUKkr8WKk


  1. I’ve tried a day without the assistive touch - not much of improvement.
  2. rebooted at least twice a day - no improvement.
  3. It seems like it’s the bluetooth which consumes most of the battery - with bluetooth off it worked almost a whole day. can someone confirm? shouldn’t it be in a different section at the battery statistics?
  4. will try to use a 500 mah charger for tonight…

Thanks everyone! You’re awesome

When I turned my BT on the other day a message popped up to say (something like) don’t leave BT on when watch is idle…

I’m very dosapointed too. I love this watch but : i loose min 50% each night with AirPlane and wifi off :((((

I had those battery problems… after some factory reset I got to have a good battery usage… in Airplane mode, and everything off (just as a watch) I got about 5/6 days… with bluetooth ON and connected to my phone almost 3 days…

Same problem here. How can I do a factory reset? I tried pressing two buttons at the same time to boot the watch up and I got a colourful recovery menu in chinese!

I have tried a few things:
First, I flashed the firmware. This didn’t change anything.
Then I recharged the watch and suddenly the android system process dissapeared and the battery wasn’t draining so fast although would not make a full day at that rate.
Finally, I found the english recovery file for the X5 in xda developers and flashed it. The android system process appeared again and the battery is going low really fast. Thus, so far no joy.

Hey @Jeronimo_Del_Noval , Jessie from FINOW just sent me an updated firmware the engineers whipped up specifically to address your problem. I’ll be posting a link to it here on this G+ community shortly. PLEASE test it out and let us know if it works. If it does, it will probably be recommended for all X5ers. Sorry for your problems, but I hope this will help. We are soooooooo fortunate to have a company, FINOW, willing to jump to it to fix things on their products. I hope their positive presence encourages others to be customer focused as well. Will wait to hear your flashing results.

@Andrew_Davis yep.
The slow charging has not solved it as well… Im thinking on a factory reset

@Smartwatch Ticks, I am looking forward to flashing the updated firmware. Thank you in advance!

Ah! Maybe good news folks. Try the app on playstore : Doze. It helps me very much. Only set it up and reboot :wink:

It’s amazing!