Hi, I just purchased a KW88 smartwatch.

Hi, I just purchased a KW88 smartwatch. I think it is very nice if I can change the watchface since the built in watchface is only so so. Do any of you have experience adding a watchface for the watch? By the way, the android version is 5.1.

Just try the same procedure as on the other watches with the additional ClockSkin folder in storage.

@mobile-reviews that won’t work. Think it has already been tried.

Ok, then they changed more than just a few bytes :smiley:

Nope doesn’t work on the round 5.1s.

Have you got yours yet @C_For

@john_gully it should be with me in a few hours! DHL delivery and I only got charged £4.03 for customs charge! delighted!

We don’t get custom charges lucky us. From what I know you have a sample as well but you have all the Google stuff.

We are in contact with Kingwear for getting useful information about the KW88 watchface engine. Just be patient

Thanks guys. The distributor said they Will update the assistant app so that it can add watchfaces. Sounds too good to be True.

@john_gully Just got the package open and charging as I type. The watch is very nice! Solid but light. Finish is very nice and quality is great.

The back is not plastic from what I can tell. It is also metal alloy.
EDIT** The back is plastic but back covering the sim slot is metal.

Screen is the same as the X5 but I would go as far to say it is actually brighter. My x5 seemed to have a yellowish tint to it. This is very vibrant.

On a bit of a low note, they look to have removed the google voice search function. Will look into this more but that’s my initial findings.

Which to my understanding never has worked anyway …

Works on the i2.

I add this keyboard and it works perfectly! Can voice type everything now!

The voice type all seems not working with me, @C_For

I had tried adding ClockSkin folder but not working. Well, KW88 is indeed Light. Anyway, how to change the watchface when waking up from standby (lockscreen) ? It seems can not be replaced.

Same question. How can the flip to wake watch face been changed to match the one selected as the main face. Strange they made them different. @john_gully You figured this out yet?

Not sure guys mine never had your firmware and never had that problem. Mine would open to the watch face I had checked. My new one should be here early next week.

Hi all, good news. KW88 update is available now. I Just got informed by @Zoe_Chan ​ a couple of minutes ago.