Hi all.


A very sad day has arrived.
All of your work has been pirated by a group of extremely selfish individuals.
It started with all our watch faces being taken - and I mean ALL - 2 years worth of extremely good work by all our members.
Then - not satisfied with that they took every single version of Eric’s launcher and any apps we have and absolutely ALL our firmware support files.
This has been reported to us just recently but has now become very serious indeed.
This is a long post and I apologize, but it is important that you know what is going on and are free to take any action you see fit to protect your work.
We spent a long time building a trust relationship with several solution providers (firmware companies)
They allowed us to get the latest releases for you - our members - so that we could assist you when you had issues.
Or just because you wanted the latest version etc … It has taken us 2 years to be able to provide you all with this free service.
Working through bugs and having access to beta Bluetooth solutions and other useful things.
To enable us to share this with you we had a http://MEGA.NZ store where we kept these resources.
A couple of days ago I announced that we may have to start using keys to protect the content from being taken and re-distributed without consent.
The very next day we woke up to discover that certain users were not only grabbing a few files to re-distribute - they had copied the whole lot.
Everything - and I mean every single thing we had.
These people operate in closed - by request only - groups on Facebook and Google’s G+.
The only reason you have a closed group in our line of work – is to make sure no one can see what you are doing.
We don’t understand this mentality as everything here was and is free anyway.
Why would you need to steal it?
So here is the result – a complete replica of all our material as displayed in the photo below.
The watch manufacturers are very unhappy about this. Obviously we have a position of trust and that has been violated.*


*As you can see here, by the created date – this was done right after I announced secure sharing in the general section.
Sadly until we make new arrangements to store our data we cannot share firmware with you. Please know that we are working as fast as we can to fix this.
Thanks to these lovely, community spirited guys (who have joined our sites under false and real names and email accounts) we all have to suffer.
We will always face this problem. To some extent we rely on you - our members - to help us fight this issue. Thankyou very much for reporting this to us.
They are working out of Turkey and call themselves KingWear - Finow - Lemfo - Zeblaze Support Group. They have a server (http://ilgincix.biz/android/) which is hosting copies of all the watch faces from our community and our apps and firmware. All without permission and the watch face art is in violation of ©2016.
Needless to say the manufacturers have been informed and so have many other agencies and file hosting sites - like YanDisk. Also WatchMaker and WatchAwear as hundreds of their faces have been re-shared there without permission along with around a 1000 of our Clockskin faces from the RASC community. Owners of original works have a method of reporting copyright theft. On Facebook you can go here and file your complaint using the group name http://www.facebook.com/help/400287850027717/
On G+ you need to go here and click on the 3 dots menu in the top corner http://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/103108934640664662119
Luckily some of the people there actually recognised that this was wrong and have gathered many screen shots and other documents to support investigations.

found 2 of mine

I think what is important here is for you all to know that our new Firmware store is secure and all of you shoul put the copyright logo on your work.
And above all - don’t be discouraged or they will win !!

@Momi_Az you can use the link provided to make a report

Are they selling them now or just resharing? Makes a big difference in getting Google and Facebook to respond to the complaints and possibly remove them. If they are just sharing them like watchfaces . be or other sites trying to mimic facerepo I am not sure they will do much if anything at all except for the original designs. It’s really a shame that you can’t share anything publicly anymore without others taking and redistributing like this.

All of mine stolen… More than hundred of my ClockSkins. :slightly_frowning_face:

@Killer_Watch_Face_Cr Ken - I do not know and have no way of knowing :frowning:
Email me for anything further - here is not the place

Just adding the fact that it’s not just stealing but also denying any comment that could point on the creator source. I mean that if one of their member ask a question on a face or apps and somebody dare posting the source link so that he can get help, the comment is immediately removed. They steal and they don’t want by any means that the original source be shared. It’s not a support forum and far from it.

Yes - I think their motives are a little different

As a further slap on our faces, some members of those groups have publicly called us “bastards”, because we tried to hinder their continuous thefts.

There are a lot of hardworking and very kind people on this site. The kind people who set it up and run it. The many Clockskin producers who spend hours creating these master pieces not to mention the many knowledgeable people happy to take time out to assist others with their knowledge when people hit problems such as a bricked watch and those who create wonderful peices of software such as Eric s launcher. These theives sicken me to the pit of my stomach. Why in life do a minority of scummy low lives have to spoil everything for everyone else.

@pinocchio_C All he had to do was ask, not lie, not steal, not block legitimate rights owners from his communities and file server. Instead he chose to do all those things.

Because this is what they are, communist do not this about integrity, honesty or sense of belonging to others than yours.

(not dead, just sleeping)

I will respect Pablo’s decisions on how this is to be handled. I will say that I am aware of the situation and have passed on additional info to Pablo regarding this.

I will also say that the KingWear - Finow - Lemfo - Zeblaze Support Group community owner knows I am a legal copyright/trademark/IP holder and has banned/blocked me from both communities as well as the file server. It can only be assumed that this is in an effort to keep me from taking action against him and his communities.

Something to think about;
1 Illegal redistribution of posted protected works
2 Illegal redistribution of pulled/private protected works
3 In some cases, removal of embedded copyright
4 Banning/blocking legal copyright/trademark/IP owners from viewing content (access is required to file violation reports)
5 Use of digital fingerprinting to identify rights owners and block access to file server resulting in a fake 404 error (access is required to file violation reports)
6 File integrity concerns which opens the door for malicious code to be embedded
7 Lying about this community being a “paid community”
8 Stealing paid work from PlayStore
9 Lying about being the largest/only source
10 Lying about working so very hard to put together the firmware archive (all he did was clone it)
11 His actions threatening joint projects between the RASC and manufacturers
12 Finally, his communities would not even exist if it were not for all the work done by a very small group of individuals.
13 His actions puts the RASC and face makers at risk of legal action by watchmakers as it does not credit the watchmakers properly but traces back to the RASC and it’s contributors.

@Alessandro_Limonta The G+ community is only days old and is in the process of being filled out. The FB one has hundreds of posts of pirated faces and apps and links to about 1000 files.

@pinocchio_C You think that funny?

We do need something to be done because this is a serious human error, we can’t protect ourselves and your work, contributions, designers like you.

If the first men would have said this, as you say now, when the wolves came to steal the baby, you would not be here right now.
Sign it kumbaya, and thanks for the support…

@Alessandro_Limonta reread my “something to think about”. Even if everything was opensource, you don’t do a lot of those things even in the opensource community.

Is it time for me to pack and leave, since my faces will be out there without “homege” to manufactures there will be a big bullseye on my forehead and this community Something must be done, or then whats the use of posting . To share yes but also contrabute to this community