Hi All i have limited knowledge on wacthface creation so please be gentle! i

@Rafael_Silva Yep, actually this is my problem too. Have 4 second array added one is clockwise, but I need always change the direction on the another …

@Alessandro_Limonta In my next skin you’ll see that, in csm in settings.

Hi Alessandro, I follow you on Youtube. Thanks a lot for teaching community. I’m your fan.

I recently updated the firmware of my watch kw88 to the last version to be able to share the same watchfaces of my lemfo lem 5.
Most work well, however, I’ve noticed that all of the elements that contain rotate_battery and rotate _month elements do not work in kw88 but they do work on my lem5.

With reference to the subject of the rotation, the last skinwatch I have uploaded have given me that problem since they incorporate several rotating elements. As I explained before, each time you add a rotating element with opposite direction to the previous one, the previous one changes in the same direction so it is very complex to order this when there are more than 3 rotating elements.


Thanks a lot .

Just to put this in context @Alessandro_Limonta
We have offered to support Ricardo and he decided he didn’t want it.
It’s not about test watches and money. It’s his choice.
Now I value you as a member of the community and your contribution has been excellent and much appreciated.
But, please do not comment publicly about how you think we should run our community.
There is a lot of history and information that you are unaware of and to throw comments like these out in public is unacceptable.
If you want to talk to me about any grievances you may have, feel free to email me at http://zappa1.pf@http://gmail.com.
I will always listen and do my best to resolve issues.
But this is not the way to proceed.

I will now be removing unessential remarks from this thread. Feel free to contact me if you need to.

Hello you can insert the recorder thanks

but how do you make a faces i’m trying them all i can’t … i don’t know how to load a faces or even how to create it both with clockskinmaker and i can use arraytype, but with the WatchFaceDesigner, i don’t understand how to do it, please give me a help, from the videos you don’t understand much. thank you in advance.

You should start to grapple with the topic. There are videos on Youtube, a large number of tutorials here in the forum. You learn most of it by analyzing the work of other face designers. This takes patience. If you have a problem that you cannot solve yourself, everyone is happy to help. However, when I read through your posts I don’t see any willingness to solve problems on my own. You only consume the answers to your questions - paired with a certain impatience. I think you should change your approach. Otherwise it will be more and more difficult to find members who will answer your questions.


So dear GINTONIC, I just wanted to say that maybe I dislike you and if so you can delete me from the forum, I am sending messages because I want to learn and when I recover I do it with courtesy. You are always taking me back, I am a kind and polite person but every time you are to recover me and treat me like fish in the face. If I ask for help with courtesy it is because I want to understand. But every time you’re taking me back. Use some common sense. Not all of us are born geniuses,am polite and kind okkkkkkkk.
Dear Mr. GINTONIC who knows if I apply myself or not… Maybe if you ask a question and you give an answer would understand that with my requests to learn how to use the program what does it mean. GOOD MORNING.

Ok ok… Let’s all take a deep breath and step back a little.

I’m sure that there is a misunderstanding here and it will be resolved.

Let’s see what happens and my advice for you @bgm is to have a good look at the watch face development section so that you can understand the possibilities available.

The search engine here is actually quite good, so you can make good use of it.

Let’s leave it here and good luck with your research :+1:


Good morning thank you for the information, I if I allowed myself to ask about the program is because from people more rooted in the industry and easier to have Answers, I open the program but I see that I lack data that honestly I could not find. Sorry for the reaction, but as I said it takes common sense …

Don’t want to use ClockSkinMaker software.
WatchFaceDesigner software is much simpler.
Once you have the Java software installed on your computer, all you have to do is launch the “WatchFaceDesigner.jar” file and you can draw. No other data is missing.
Let me ask you, what graphics program do you have any practice with?

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I use paint 3d for graphics, in fact I wanted to know how to insert the images, I saw a video with the program open and on the right there were many faces, and just what I can not insert, which then I saw that automatically creates the file.xml.
Instead also arraytype The same does not re-load anything, I understood them that you can put touch zones and others.

What you’re talking about is ClockSkinMaker.
Forget it !!
Use WFD!
This is a complete graphics program with automatic graphic instructions for your watch face.

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Thanks, then I will look for it in the forum. Or if you have the program at hand you can pass it to me, thank you in advance

I highly recommend you take note of my advice on using the forum. You’ve been sent a link to the program almost three weeks ago. So don’t rush. You will receive a specific answer to a specific problem. General whining should be stopped and then you will enjoy the company here and the knowledge you can gain here.


search here (this is your own post)

Program to create a faces with touch zone for smartwatch lemfo lemp


He alread got the link two times.

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I’m still hoping. Maybe everything will sort out slowly.
there have been a lot of bugs about using the forum lately.
I hope you accept the usage advices.


Of course, go for it!