Hi all, Another sad day for the Face community :( This lovely chap has

Hi all,
Another sad day for the Face community :frowning:
This lovely chap has re-shared or copied nearly all the faces you have made. No one has been asked and your content is being shared without you knowing - I suspect anyway.
The only way to shut him down is to report him to google - each of you that own the work he has copied or re-shared. Obviously we have reported him as well.
This is the site - please take action.


how to report for copyright issue? is threnamhow to somewhere or on the proboards? This guy has nearly all my faces and didnt even ask for it.

@Jurgen_Oberst on the left side on the web version of G+ at the top left there is a little 3 bar symbol. Click on that and at the bottom it has “report an issue” option. Make sure you include the link to his community and links to your work.
Or you can go direct to the legal team at Google and make a report here https://support.google.com/legal/answer/3110420?hl=en

This is essentially a mirror (or ghost), of the site here, but with a script being run on all original postings to replace the original author with himself. This is why new items show up there as well.

I was an admin for another international forum with over 350,000 members and this happened to our forum. Those ghost sites are hosted overseas and could not be shut down. I fear this is the same situation here, and that Google will be ineffective in resolving this. If Google were to shut down the links on his ghost site, they would also be shutting down those of the original author here, since they are the same links in many cases.

I’ve found that some of his links go to unrelated sites, and I suspect he’s getting paid for advertisement for clicks.

I wonder if his script is dependent on membership?
It’s also a Google site and so surely they have some responsibility here?

not seeing anything wrong with his community. he reshares posts picked from public communities, shares them almost original, leaves the credits with the developer. not claiming to be his designs. if in a public community a post is available for resharing, then the author accepts the post to be reshared. it can be deactivated, just like the comments can be.

@Stephan_Schwobel This guy is known in many communities where he has been banned for some time now. What bothers me the most is in the description of his community, he offers to download a pirated version of WatchMaker Premium. :wink:

@Cyrille_LE_RAY ok, I saw that now too. it’s a pretty outdated version, not sure if that’s the version Alex once published on the Amazon Underground site. but I understand your point.

@Stephan_Schwobel Yep, it’s true. Why people get worked up over this guy yet support their friends doing it on their own collections without them asking every person who’s face they are resharing is no different lol. Guys like this you can just block so he can’t see what you post to share to his own page. Hell disable reshares on posts too then.

@Cyrille_LE_RAY also a copy of Eric’s launcher

@Stephan_Schwobel most of the guys here do not want their stuff re-shared, However they need to disable this option in the top right menu after making their post.

Two of mine as far as i can see now.

I noticed a few from @bricky_vl
I think some of @zsolt_m ​​ work as well… Not sure though.

Yep, I reported them some months ago, he banned on the mad community too. Also one more chance, click on he’s profile and block. In this way he cannot see our posts anymore.

@zsolt_m done - as well as banned.

it unreal you guys have great work and people who steal other work it really sad i dont now what to say just feel anger i hpe google gets those people

For insulting this member - you are banned.

Jan Orsák
+Tim Collins idiot he did not steal anything just to share your work

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+Tim Collins ty idiote on nic neukradl pouze sdílel vaši práci


@Jurgen_Oberst looks like a lot has gone now - can you confirm ?

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 cool they are gone thanks!

@tim_Collins ​​ guy called you an idiot. Turns out to be the same guy using the community with those faces. After insulting you I banned him.
This what he said…
From Jan Orsák:
@tim_Collins ​, idiot he did not steal anything just to share your work

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