Here is version 1.2 of the standalone SkinClock APK.

Here is version 1.2 of the standalone SkinClock APK.

It is useful on some smartwatch which don’t have the clockskin engine of the No.1 D5 (like KW88), or simply to put on your phone your favorite skins !

Tutorial on uploading skins on your watch/phone :

What works :

  • any clockskin of the D5, or other compatible skins done by the wonderful clockSkinMaker application.
  • pedometer should work
  • scaling size should be correct : but in order to solve some special issues you can switch between scales just by touching the screen

What does not :

  • Widget is not working.
  • heartrate
  • meteo (as on the D5 FW)

Donation can be made to the Community Donation Page-

To be noted : first time you long click on the clock it will open the gallery and ask for SD card permission.
When permission granted, you have to close the gallery and open it again to see the installed skins.

Read more:

Did you get my email?

updated the other thread.

Whit my phone not working. I have one Xiaomi Mi Max. When I press the circle whit + says “the application stops”, and go back to the watch for the application. Maybe it’s problem of my OS (MIUI 8).

Yes i should remove the + sign, it’s not used nor useful…

Links on this thread still work

+Eric Crochemore, if it’s not necessary, how I charge the new CF?

@Sergio_Paulo1 look at the tutorial link.

@Eric_Crochemore ​​, I have read but I need read in my PC, in my phone it’s not the same. Thanks, after read I says something.

pedometar works on KW88… donation page pls :slight_smile:

Glad you like it. Donation link on the main post.

Okay, then I´m going to explain. And yes, you can call me a little bit “stupid”, it is that I creating the folder ClockSkin on the sdcard and it was to create internal storage. :facepalm:

Well, let´s go, once I have corrected the issue, in my phone appears like this aspect:

missing/deleted image from Google+

missing/deleted image from Google+

@Sergio_Paulo1 have you tried the version with manual scaling ? There’s two version of the app.

Hi @Eric_Crochemore ​, no. Today at night I will try.

Eric, what is the difference between the apks. myClockSkin-1.2.apk and myClockSkin-1.2-wotouck.apk ? Thanks.

Hello everyone, I can’t install it, i tried them both, but each time I get a error saying:


I have googled it, but I didn’t really understand any of the solutions that I found, any help please?

@J.A_Nieto the one wotouch is resizable using the touch, the other is full auto-scale.

@Raphael_Barros_De_Sa it means your Android device is too old, is it older than 4.4 ?

Hello @Eric_Crochemore , first thanks for replaying much appreciated, so what happened is that I was trying to install it on Andy (android emulator for Windows) and it didn’t work… lol I know silly me, I just thought I would test there first… but then I downloaded into my IQI I2 watch and work flawless.

May I ask you something else? As we speak, could you please let me know if there is any information or tutorial on how to change clock faces for No.1 d5 into apk? please anything that would help me understand the transition.

Thanks again for replaying!