Here is my ClockSkin - JN_Metaforce

Here is my ClockSkin - JN_Metaforce
Build with WFD for #Stocklauncher #Android
Features: Hours, 24 Hours, Minutes, Seconds, 30Seconds, Day, and Battery Level.
Free to use for everyone in this community… :slight_smile: Do not re-share.
Download Link: JN-ClockSkins


In this watch the second hand has an analog movement, that is, the second hand jumps every second, making the movement more real. It works with Stock Launcher but on engines with Android 7 or higher. Thanks to @G1NT0N1C for the tip.


Oh yes! I like the look of this one Joao! :+1: I loaded it on to my Kospet Hope lite (And it’s a few years old now) and the “Analog tick” works fine mate. I love the bold hour and minute hands…and the effective use of black and of shades of grey (50 maybe? :rofl:) All in all a striking face mate! May the (JN_Meta) force be with you! :laughing: Cheers, “Obi Wan Kenobi” Doons

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Very nice job :+1: .


Yes, it looks very good. and the digital second hand goes very well with this watchface.:+1:

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I’m green with envy!

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Thanks @Doonsbury may the force be with you as well. Cheers

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Thanks @Dr_Andy_Vishnu

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Thanks @G1NT0N1C

Love it

Thanks for the feed back @Simon_Jaffé-Noble . BTW, is the 30 seconds pointer moving the same way as the seconds? I did not change the file for de 30 seconds pointer! I am asking because I could not text it, my LEMFO is 5.1 android.

Thanks @doubledad

30 second subdial behaves in the same way as the second hand. All is good.

@Simon_Jaffé-Noble , behaves in the same way but faster?

But I did not change the file for the 30 seconds pointer!!! Should this happen @G1NT0N1C

Hi Joao, If it’s any help, the 30 second sub dial on my Kospet is not synchronized to the main second hand. It is indeed moving slightly faster than the main second hand. So of course…as I said, they are not in synced. Cheers, Doons

Shame on you Simon! :crazy_face: A video now of your KP2! Are you deliberately trying to drive @R_Sauvalle crazy with envy?!! :roll_eyes: :rofl: Cheers, leave the poor lad in peace, Doons

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ughhh…I can’t… :tired_face:

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Maybe it doesn’t work with mulrotate. I’ll have a look at it this weekend. Personally, I would remove smoothrun from 30sec- hand.

@G1NT0N1C it is very strange, because I did not add smoothrun on the 30 sec hand, as you can check in this picture.
Captura de ecrã 2021-05-05, às 09.04.58