Hello. I'm requesting the following watch face please

Hey all. Just seen the watch faces & while they’re all beautiful they seem be digital versions of the mechanical time pieces out there. I would absolutely love a watch face of the following for universal launcher or lem 12 pro in general.

  • a watch face with Current time up to the second.
  • a shortcut button that leads to phone contacts, there’s a watchface like this already but the phone app button doesn’t lead anywhere.
  • a shortcut button that leads to sms. Again. There’s one like this & that button works. Would be nice to choose the preffered sms app to go to though.
  • a battery percentage icon. Maybe the most important
  • design isn’t so important. Once it can display any of these things. Then designing around it is simple as it’s the information being displayed that’s more important. It would be much preferred if the time displayed would be digital. So I don’t have to spend a few instances figuring out what the time is by looking at the dails. Just the time in straight number format like this 10:42:58.
    Kindest regards.

Have you tried searching this forum ?


Yes, but if you know any watch faces for universal launcher that satisfies my requirements please kindly forward them to me

I understand. So, after careful consideration, have you come to the conclusion that it is easier to let others search for you? :innocent:


Also yes I guess lol. Would be much appreciated. Also facing a situation in which the watch face isn’t full screen on the actual watch. It’s been scaled down. Even if i double tap & mess with the scaling slider, weather it’s in circular or square mode. When in square mode it goes to the bottom left corner. Any way around this? Thanks so much

you can edit the watchfaces you find so that the buttons will work with the app of your choice. just take a look here:


I try to be as helpful as possible, so I have designed a watch which meets your specifications.

The shortcut for phone contacts can be activated by pressing on the battery icon while pressing the weather icon will bring-up messages. (I don’t feel the need to have “named icons”, rather using the existing icons of battery and weather make for a cleaner presentation… ENJOY!


CREDIT: Naviforce.com


Thank you so much buddy. Let me give it a try

You’re welcome. Keep me informed…

It’s not bad at all. Though i will need a watchface with more touch inputs. For shortcuts sake. Can you direct me to such a watchface if you know? Thanks in advance

Been using the Naviforce watchface for a while but would like to have a go at making my own watchface. Can anyone direct me on how to do so for the lem 12 Pro please? Thanks in advance