Hello, here is another watch face i would like to have on my D5

here is another watch face i would like to have on my D5
it has:

  1. Current day (full name)
  2. Current date
    3.digital time on respective hands (creative)

Hee Hee Hee. Come on, Andrew(s). Let’s see this one! Digital hands. Absolutely love the idea.

Before I scrolled down as far as the comments I was already taking a sharp intake of breath… :wink:

@SmartWatch_Ticks This could be a three beer problem… (I hope)…

@Andrew_Davis Yea, one for each hand. The second hand will tick, right? I would imagine that’s the approach you’re thinking…

@SmartWatch_Ticks Not being a programmer I’m not constrained by, “What can be done”… I approach things with an imaginative naivety, “How can I do it”… I also have a good recipe for Humble Pie…

@Andrew_Davis Oh, I can’t wait to see what emerges from this round of imaginative naivety! Aquarian nature with a bit of Pisces sprinkled in would be my guess.

@SmartWatch_Ticks Zoltar says… “Beware of Capricorns”…

@SmartWatch_Ticks Okay, I believe I’m done… It’ll take time because of the graphics work involved… but I’ll have a go… get the cream ready for the pie!

@Andrew_Davis I’m so excited I could just…well…the Vegas girl comes to mind…

Come on @Andrew_Davis ​, if it’s possible, you are the man. Make this and I drink a beer for your work, better, one for me and another for you. Two :beers:.

I’ll have a beer to @Sergio_Paulo1 for figuring out how to have two drinks while Andrew does all the work! I don’t even have to wait until it’s done!

It’s hurting…

Ha ha ha ha. Great @Andrew_Davis .

happy to help with all this beer drinking :slight_smile:

Okay… I’m nearly drunk there…

This will be something worth to wear

It’s getting interesting !
Nice to see you getting stuck in guys :+1:

@Andrew_Davis If it doesn’t hurt it’s not worth doing - lol :slight_smile:

I’ll let Andrew take this one. I’m in the middle of another one at the moment with no numbers around the outside, so I’m going to put the digital hour with the hour hand. But I can only have each number static near the hour hand and not tracking with the hand. Let me know if you can figure out how to do that.
I think this is quite tricky. But I find the beer helps.