Hello again :) As promised,

Hello again :slight_smile:

As promised, here is my second watchface - a adaption of my Fossil Nate 50mm Big Watch with a few “improvements”…

The original design is by Fossil: https://www.fossil.com/de/de/products/herrenuhr-nate-edelstahl-silber-sku-jr1353p.html
Watchface design and enhancements by Maik Dahles (MD…Sign)

I added a few displays with amber colored digital digits to the one “date” window of the original design and now the Watchface features all of the following:

  • normal hour, minute & second hand
  • upper left subdail shows half-hour minutes (two revolutions per hour)
  • upper right subdail shows 24 hours (one revolution per day)
  • lower subdail shows the month with the first letter of the current month (December on top)
  • digital display on top (under the 12) shows digital time
  • digital display under the Fossil logo shows the stepcounter
  • upper left digital display shows the heartrate 0-99bpm (i didn´t figure out, if values >99bpm are showable)
  • upper right digital display shows battery percentage 0-99% (100% distorts the picture cluster)
  • lower left digital display shows the current weekday with three letters (MON, TUE, WED…)
  • lower right digital display shows the current date in numbers 1-31

The design of the numbers 12, 3, 6 and 9, as well as the 5 minute dashes, change their color due to the current time from white at daylight to a night friendly gray around 9-10pm and back in the morning. It´s not yet the best transition - especially around the “3” - but looks somehow fancy in my opinion :slight_smile:

Hope you like my design - took me quite a while to get this working, but i really wanted to “give something back” to you guys, who make wonderful watchfaces :wink: As always - helpful advices are always highly appreciated!

A big THANKS @ @Roland_Tanguy_Lannuz for optimization of my xml & png “mess” and the idea of the 1600px circular “Autodim” png! Highly appreciate your help!

You can download the new & optimized “MD…Sign Fossil Nate” watchface here:

And by the way: Kudos to the creator of ClockSkinMaker (https://clockskinmaker.codeplex.com/), who made such complex designs possible for me :slight_smile:

Have fun!


Awesome clock… looks incredible on KW 88… :slight_smile:

@Sasa_Petrovic Thank you :slight_smile:

@Sasa_Petrovic Could you please explain, how you put this RAR file on a KW88. My KW88 only accept APK files.

I can , but i think its way better you go to our forum and look under Round Friendly Apps… There is a launcher there made by Eric(ricktop) … There is step by step guide in his post :slight_smile:

@Sasa_Petrovic . Tnx. I tried the launcher by +Eric Crochemore… but it did not work for me. I tried it on my mobile phone and watch. I did not find it on my watch and it corrupted my phone. Thanks anyway.

Great stuff!
Is it possible to make the upper right subdial (that shows 24 hours) 6 hours back of “normal” time of the watch. Which parameter in the clockskin.xml file I have to change and with which value?

Very nice work @Maik_Dahles:+1::+1:
I’m impressed with this, excellent :blush::blush:

@max_photographs really? You installed a watch launcher on your phone? I strongly suggest that you don’t do anything else until you have read all you can about your device and how to use it. The proboard forum is full of information and so is this G+ community.
Take your time.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Thanks a lot - glad you like it :slight_smile: Has been a little bit complicated with the little windows in 31 degree angle and the double-positioning of the multi digit values (battery, date, heartrate…) But finally it´s done… :wink:

Thanks …
missing/deleted image from Google+

@Luigi_Pachi Thanks :slight_smile: The modification you´d like would certainly be possible. You´ll have to flip the second subdail-hand picture horizontally and modify the markings of the dial in the clockskin.png. to your needs. Then give it a 12 hour rotation instead of 24. That would be the 6 hours back tweak with one subdial-hand. A subdial clock with 6 hours back and two hands is surely possible too - but i would have to think about that for a while… :wink:

@David_Teboul Happy you like it :slight_smile: Looks also good with silver bezel - my Finow X5plus is all-black :wink:

@Luigi_Pachi I just re-read your question and think you just have to rotate the second subdial 90 degrees to the left. Overwrite the pic in the folder and the 24-hour dial should show 6 hours less than the big hands… Maybe that´s a solution for you?
missing/deleted image from Google+

I love your opening description and credits… and a very nice watchskin too :slight_smile:

@Andrew_Davis Thanks a lot - glad you like my work! I hope, my english description is somewhat understandable and not too confusing for native speakers… :wink:

Gorgeous design!

@Edward_Henry Thank you :slight_smile:

Nice work, but (but…) a couple of issues anyway.

Don’t get me wrong, your work is great and it’s because it is almost perfect that the small defaults can be seen !

#1: Something wrong with “Autodim”. The gradient should be circular, not linear. And to make it smooth (not left to right effect) it sould be doubled : one clockwise, oneother counter clockwise.
Have a look on my post here :

#2: What software did you use to design ? Photoshop ? Numbers and indexes are really pixelized on the edges… not smooth. You should consider use vectorial shapes. Takes a bit time to learn but very powerful and results are great.

IF you use photoshop, i’d be happy to share the PSD i’ve used to (re) design this “Sinn” watch !

#3: You use clockskinmaker (which is a great help i suppose ?) but that creates a LOT of duplicate files (.png and .xml) that are completely useless and could be optimised. I don’t use this software (i do everything with and xml editor) so you mat refer to the author about that)


Again, don’t get me wrong. You do great job. I’d be happy to follow you ! These comments are just to help you…

Roland, Paris (France)

@Roland_Tanguy_Lannuz Hello Roland,

thanks a lot for your helpful comment - glad you almost like my design :wink:

It´s surely not that perfect, as i´d like to have it - but for the moment it´s the best i can do (due to job, pre-christmas etc.)…

I´m answering to your numbers, to keep the structure:

#1: Autodim was a “proof-of-concept” idea for me and was added after the skin was almost finished. I´m not really happy with the transition by now, but wanted to keep the dim-rotation image as small as possible. The shade-pattern on the image is drawn by hand and certainly not perfect. I´ll rework this sooner or later and will take a look at your Sinn watchface :slight_smile: Thanks for that!

#2: It´s a bit embarrassing - but i´ve used “http://paint.net” to create the graphics :confused: Numbers and indexes are pixelized, because the shrinking of the image does not work perfect (but i thought that it won´t be seen an watch-size) :wink: I don´t like to use Photoshop - although it´s definitely the better software for things like that… But the elements deserve some attention - you´re right! Vectorial shapes are a good idea - i´ll see, what i can do about that.

#3: For my first learning sessions and the initial skins, CSM is perfect. I´m not really into coding and stuff - so the drag and drop UI is very helpful. The duplicated files are disturbing - but as i do not exactly know, if png´s and xml´s can be “used” simultaneously by the watch-software/launcher, that´s something i have to figure out. Maybe i´ll rework the filestructure and optimize the xml´s by hand… All a matter of time :slight_smile:

For now i´m happy that the skin works and all my planned values are shown almost as i like them to look (except a few glitches). And as you (and other) say - it does not look that awful :wink:

Thanks again for your helpful tips and have a wonderful day!

Regards from Germany,