Have a problem with my KW88. It starts off post full charge nicely..

Have a problem with my KW88. It starts off post full charge nicely… But will switch off i think by the time it reaches around 60 to 70% have seen this happening many times. Anyone Else having the same issue?

Never had this problem. It does switch off pretty fast when it goes below 15% (always)
I’ve recharged my watch to 100% yesterday @17:00. It’s now 10:45 the next day. WiFi on, but did not use the watch other then check time and look if there’s a WiFi signal @locations I’ve been during 4 hours this night. Brightness @50. Plenty of bright!
Battery is @68%. Pretty good. Going to top power up now while taking a shower. Need to break the Casio habit to keep wearing the watch while taking a shower. Happened once last week. It survived, but I had to roll it up in toilet paper for a while to be on the safe side.

@tim_Collins I have a similar problem with mine. I hoped it would be addressed with the latest firmware which I have, but I still get a shut down somewhere between 60% and 40% it varies.I’m running with everything turned off and enabling either wifi or 3G, for a short time, only when needed to guarantee a full day. I’m experimenting with various battery saver apps to see which is best, tried a few so far and haven’t found a great one from either performance or GUI for a round face. Will post when I find one.

You need to report this issue to the seller you purchased it from. If they refuse to help we need to report it to KingWear.


I charge power off and whem rich 28% i boot up but battery level show 67%
I flashed with sptool latest firmware
will test and report back
In past i had simmilar problems
Maybe new changes to battery affect old devices
No real time stats?

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 The reseller was supportive and gave me the firmware upgrade he seems convinced this would address it. I’m working some stats and will go back to him.

@tony_bunn this is a KW88 right?
If so we have the firmware in the right section. As far as I know it’s the latest - even though it’s dated 30th July and not 1st August…

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Yes its KW88 with build CS1_B_20160729 - is it worth me trying the 30th July? you mentioned it was only a band related update?

This happens to me everyday. Full shut down and when I put it on charge it switches back on showing about 60% charge. I’m not having much luck!

Try to reset battery data with apps on the Play Store… Calibrating battery resolved my issues… Data are now accurate and my battery last longer than before… About 1.5 day of normal usage with some calls (no data)…

Which app have you used?

You need root access to reset the battery data. I think there is a problem with the com.sinw.battery.service. All these watches use it.

@tim_Collins Problems starting today with my watch. Shutting down at 27%. Below 27% things go really fast.Suddenly there’s a low battery warning, then if I don’t put the cable on withing seconds, it will shut down.
Battery performance is still good, until it reaches the 1/4 charge edge, where it keeps falling off.

No, it must be an Android problem. I don’t think t his watch measures the safe lower voltage of the Lipo battery but estimates the battery life. You can reset that database table if you have root. At least, that’s what I’ve read. I’m not sure. Just speculating.

All, I have had some success improving my battery situation with the KW88.

There are two apps in the play store that work without ‘rooting’. First I ran: Repair Battery Life PRO which is free.


This scanned and found a lot of low cells and quite a few inactive within the battery. I then selected repair, the app then (apparently) ‘fixes’ the reported discrepancies and when retested reports all healthy.

Then I ran the second app: Advanced Battery Calibrator, also free:


This seems to reset the charge memory in the battery. You then have to switch off the watch and recharge until 100% before switching on.

After this the watch ran all night (radios off) and only depleted to 97% by the morning and then ran all day with wifi on for an hour and then sim enabled for 4 hours. It then shut down by 17:00 - I didn’t see a transition to battery saver mode as I was busy with work and didn’t see the % state before it shut down.

However, in summary, I got a lot more life than previously. To be honest I was half suspecting these apps to be either ‘snake-oil’ or exaggerating their efficacy, but it seemed to make an improvement for me. Hopefully this might help others too. Tony :O)

@tony_bunn that’s good news :slight_smile:

No harm in trying. I notice that the DB for the battery service is on the SD card so maybe it can be manipulated without root.

yep - be interested in your results Tim.

@tony_bunn I call these apps Snake oil for the part that they assume the lipo batteries are intelligent. They are not. In the best case, and that is not in these watch batteries they have built in overdraw protection. If there is an intelligent charge circuit in the watch, which I believe there must be, it’s an analog one taking care if the controlled charge and discharge currents. Thereby protecting and ensuring battery life.
So somehow Android must “remember” the upper and lower battery limits and do this with a safety margin that’s above the battery protection circuit lower cut-off voltage. This circuit will disconnect the battery if a determined low voltage is reached. Android doesn’t like power outages. So Android needs to “guesstimate” the remaining charge based on your use and installed services.
It stores this in I assume a database. If this gets reset, it needs to rebuild this knowledge by again looking at your current use.
That’s how far I think it works.

I agree - but I do think that resetting the sin battery service database makes a difference