has anyone tried M2D app for notifications? does it drain the battery?

has anyone tried M2D app for notifications? does it drain the battery?

looks interesting…this maybe can work with bt tethering … i will try this one onces i get my phone next week

so far so good just today i have been using it so i hope it does’nt drain the battery because this is the ONLY app that allow you to make phone calls and respond to phone calls from it through the watch, and as i said to whatsapp and sms…it uses the dialer of the watch and not something else.

yes, i answered a call from it i did’nt know that it works:) i was so glad, i will check if it will work with 3g when the phone is not on me i know it uses internet connectin and not BT but i’m not sure if i need same internet connection. it is cool i’ve contact the developer for these questions:)

@sonia_sophie_ataunna how did you get it to install on your watch ? Play Store doesnt show my watch as an available device… (main phone was fine)

There are 2 apps the sender for the phone and the receiver for the watch, I did it from the pc because it is hard to install from the watch itself

yes - from the ‘receiver’ app, the only device that shows from the selectable ones is my main phone, not the hundred of other devices (including D5) that I have :frowning:

ok, weird - I COULD manage to install it from the phone Play Store on the D5, not the web version.

I am interested to see how this pans out. I suggested this app a while ago but because it could not use Bluetooth I passed it over

Did it pair over BT or using internet connection?

internet connection, i just did’nt check if it has to be the same connection like on Pushbullet i did’nt need same connection if so it will be cool getting notifications and answer them without my phone on me:) and even if not i’m using instead of Watch Helper. i just hope it does’nt drain the battery.

It works only when the watch and phone connected to one wi-fi((( so for outdoor purposes it’s useless. Or I do not understand something?)))

Andy, how can you install from the play store?? i do’nt see the search icon only if i use mobizen or istall from the pc play sotre.

Pablo, it is really easy to use but as i said it all comes to the battery life when using it.

On the Play Store, you can ‘just about’ see the search bar (or part of it) at the top left - just touch in that area and it should bring up the keyboard

@Mark_Limarenko , have you tried it with 3g?

@Andy_Godber , thanks i’ll try it.

Watch & phone connected to same Wi-Fi - it work
Watch & phone connected to different Wi-Fi - it work
Phone connected ower 3G, watch over Wi-Fi - it work
And one configuration when notifications don’t work is when the watch connected to 3G. It sad(

i installed the M2D reciever to the watch… but when i enter the settings in the watch it just loads and says “pleae wait” then nothing happens…it just gets back to the main screen :frowning:

@Cristian_Gatica_Esco , you need to get into settings and it is’nt seen on the screen of the watch you need to use mobizen as i did and then you can set the watch.

@Mark_Limarenko , thanks, that is a downside :frowning: i thought i could use it even when the phone is not on me.