Has anyone out there got a V20 smartwatch?

Just out of interest, has anyone out there got a V20 smartwatch?

Well, I guess it’s not a fullandroid watch? Can you use a SIM card with your watch?

You are correct. It runs a Proprietary OS.

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Android 8.1/ nano sim last time i looked…

V20 max

I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do for you. This watch runs a very limited Android system. I guess you can’t install any apps. And also no custom watchfaces.
I’m sorry.

Naah… i have full Playstore access and can install any android app.
I just wondered if anyone else on this forum had one…

Ah ok. Is it possible to install custom watchfaces?

The reason I said that it runs a proprietary OS is because the V20 does. In your original post you just said “V20 smartwatch.” The V20 max is a different watch than what you posted.


Nope - and if anyone has any sense they will avoid these unsupportable devices.
There is no firmware for them
There is no relationship with the brands that sell them
Watch faces are not working properly
Android 8.1 - 'nuff said.
Locking this thread now