Gold wach animatiom

maybe who likes


It’s a shame that the music cannot play when you look at the clock

Its a great clockskin . Thankyou

Have a look at this. It may give you some creative idea’s

Thanks for the information, I have already tried this product that works well and your functions Aut very practical for changing the appearance I miss only that the clock from the basic view does not have the possibility of dim mode later in a different form except with AOD programs

You could try universal launcher with .watch clocksins

UL too much changes the appearance of the clock and the function always on the screen is the same program (screen on) and not so you can decide which hour should always be on the screen but the one you have at the moment must change something in advance
The ordinary clock Aplle 9 Ultra for $ 16 this has this even if you cover it by hand this one is always on the screen
I have an Optimus 2 Hour of the Currently Hours Previously Prime 2 Lemfo 10 Se Previously Thor 4 also TIC WACH S2 and at least 4 years I’ve been watching this forum … Great

When I download UL on Prime 2 didn’t work me anymore camera I apologize if it was just with me it was 2 years ago