GIF Frame Rate Units

WFD has four animated GIF rates (Sec,Min,Hour,& Day)… Is it possible to revise the code to reflect a “Month rate”? Below shows codes for seconds and day respectively, what would be the code for Month?

It’s a framerate, so a month will not work as it has a non constant number of days…
To calculate you just do : 1/(number of seconds)

Eric - Thank you for your response!

The average month = 30.4 days so if I wanted a rough approximation for a month frame rate, what would be the calculation and the resulting framerate?

If this is possible, it would allow moonphase watches I have designed in the past to be fairly accurate from month-to month whereas - now - they become progressively “off” for every passing month.

try this :

Eric - I inserted your value into the following expression (created by seconds framerate), but it didn’t work. If you could provide the complete expression to substitute for the following it might then work (a math wiz, I am not).


Thanks in advance

replace the coma with a dot ?

I did that so the entire expression now reads :
** animated_image_1.xml**
** 0.000000380726**
** **

I then reopened in WFD and it still runs as a “seconds” framerate… Don’t know where to go from here

don’t reopen it in WFD, just transfer it to the watch and see if it works


Thanks, I’ll try that after my upcoming game of pool

Won the game 4-3, but after downloading to my Prime and resetting a month, two months ahead, it doesn’t advance to the next image

Yes, you need to fix a startdate for the animation, I think it’s in the wiki somewhere… I will look.

<referenceTime month="1">

Should do it


Many thanks to you and @noidremained , but I can’t get it to work after implementing all your ideas.

Why not using the month array if you need to change a picture every month ?

I’ve searched the forum for array types, found many BUT nowhere is there information on the following:

  1. What is an array
  2. Where can I find the codes for them
  3. How do I implement them

Thanks in advance

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Array 3 detailed here

Thanks, but I’m not a math major or programmer… Can’t make heads or tails of this regarding my questions: * Where can I find the codes for various arrarys & * How do I implement them

So simpler : use WFD, digital clock layer, then select month. And for each month, don’t select “Text” but “Image”

Many thanks and Happy New Year!

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