Getting watch face on to watch?

Hi Folks, I have just finished my first watch face design. Ok, so I have ZIP7 and I zipped the completed watch fie and tried to load it to my watch…no go. So then I used the “Export Standard Clockskin” in WFD…zipped that…no go still can’t get it on my watch. I have watched the WFD tutorials on Utube and it appears as if I am doing everything correctly (And I did only say “Appears”!) So, would some kind soul please tell me what I am doing wrong? Cheers, Doons

@Dr_Andy_Vishnu Hi Tim, thanks for the advice! Funnily enough, I only have the standard launcher on a Kospet hope…but the files did have to be zipped! But by trying your suggestion, I discovered that it was the way I was trying to save the file in WFD that was wrong! Tim, you have my undying gratitude mate! Thanks to you I have my first creation on my watch…it isn’t beautiful…but it’s all mine! Cheers, Doons

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No problem and good to hear . Well done :+1:

Hi, I’m looking for this face۲۰۲۱۰۳۲۵_۱۳۱۹۴۶

I responded to your previous post

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I received the file, I installed it, why is it blinking?

What watch are you using ?

Kingwarir kc10.32G 3R

Kc10 kingwair

Okay . The version i sent you works on all my A7.1.1 watches . I have a version for allcmy A10 watches . I dont have any Kingwear watches at all to test

I want this face۲۰۲۱۰۳۲۵_۱۳۲۰۱۷

This is a paid face and you wont find it on this site!

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Doons! Post it! I wanna see!

And I want there in the waves and drink a tequila

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I want lots of things but i would usually say " please " and " thankyou .


I want world peace! Right now! I am now holding my breath until I get what I want!


Thank you Thank you for your answer Thank you for your help

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“I want world peace!”
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I thanked you several times here, but Google Translator does not translate properly because our internet is filtered.

It 's really hard for me to translate the words into English for you and send it. If the word is too much or too little, I apologize.⚘⚘⚘