Getting excited as my new KW88 arrives tomorrow. 🙂🙂 everything in place. More faces.

Getting excited as my new KW88 arrives tomorrow. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: everything in place. More faces. Universal launcher 2. And a member of this community. You guys are very talented, that’s for sure. I was just wondering. How many watch faces can you store on a KW88. Or do you have to keep swapping them.

A lot :slight_smile: i use to have over 50… U wont be able to use all of them :slight_smile:

Wow. You are right. Don’t think I will be able to use them all. Thanks for the info.

When I got to about 150, the more complicated ones started crashing when I tried to select them…

The program is written in Java and the resources climb higher the more you store. The launcher database will grow and become degraded.
My advice is to keep around 15 - 20 faces in the clockskin folder. This way you have plenty to choose from and performance and battery life will remain unaffected. You can easily swap new ones for old via USB cable.

@Julian_Warr , and @Sasa_Petrovic , at this moment I have 343 faces installed in my D5 and the battery lasts about 2 to 3 days without a SIM card, it is not slow and don’t have break of activity.

I’m not sure that’s helpful info for someone who’s getting a KW88 :slight_smile:

@Samsung_Galaxy , Yes, so I mentioned that I have a D5. I don’t know the behavior of the KW88. :slight_smile:

Well, I don’t know if expecting 2 - 3 days from a KW88 is wise, at least, not from mine…

@Samsung_Galaxy ​ mine usually last around 2 a half days… Only bt with phone :slight_smile: so am good :slight_smile: i dont need anything else from my watch :slight_smile:

Your what ?

@Samsung_Galaxy ​ Battery on my watch usually last for 2, maybe 3 days… And i have KW88, so its not that farfetched :slight_smile:

How ?

Also interested in this…

I have mine rooted with root from Loki. In the pass (without root), the battery only last 1 or 1,5 days, now it’s :ok_hand: with root from Loki.
Just to speaking of Loki, where is our Friend and Founder of this community? :thinking:

How does rooting :open_mouth: increase battery life ???

@Samsung_Galaxy , see here:

What am I looking for on there ??

@Samsung_Galaxy , you ask: “How does rooting :open_mouth: increase battery life ???” and I tell you. :wink:

That link just goes to proboards