Getting excited as my new KW88 arrives tomorrow. 🙂🙂 everything in place. More faces.

@Samsung_Galaxy , Yes, you can read how you can root. That’s what you asked me.

No, I asked you how rooting makes the battery last 3 days instead of 1 on the KW88 ?

@Samsung_Galaxy , I did root to mine which is a D5, and do not ask me how it improved the battery life, it just got better. In KW88, I do not know why I do not have it, but if there are benefits in becoming root, the battery upgrade should be one of them, or maybe not.

@Sergio_Paulo Hi mate - Loki left the community and left me and Ciro as the last of the 3 founding members. He was sick and tired of people not playing by the rules and then flaming the hell out of him when he tried to help them not break the rules.
These days we just ban people if they argue. I am still in touch with him but he wants nothing to do with this and I don’t blame him after what happened. See his goodbye message:

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 , I know, I was wondering if you, or somebody been talking to him and if everything’s okay.
This is a virtual world, but telling the truth there are many people that even being from a virtual world we end up having some affection and consideration, and Loki is one of those people. Like other people that´s here. But it seems okay, I hope, when you talk to him, give him a virtual “hug” from me.

@Sergio_Paulo hey mate - he will be very happy to hear that you are asking after him. Since he left - I think I’m the only person who has spoken to him.
That is a tragedy considering all he gave with us to build this place. He almost single handedly built the pro board forum as I was in the UK when my father died and my mother got cancer. When I got back he stayed for a few weeks and then he was gone :frowning:
Very sad - all beacause of some bully from nova launcher forum accusing him of shit that wasn’t true :frowning:
The guy just launched an attack on Loki and Me and Loki just couldn’t allow it to interfere with his personal life - so he left.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 , I know what happened and I was also very angry and sad about the injury against to him. Unfortunately, many people young and adults, these days, use the internet to feel are someone, or do what they do not in real life. It is an unfortunate reality and it is not the technologies that provide this, but the character of each one. What matters is that he is well, healthy and happy, this is real and must be what we all deserve. Tell him to go to the proboards and talk to us, he will always have a friend here to talk and share the good and bad moments that life gives us. A big hug for him and another for you.
@Julian_Warr , I’m sorry for this outburst with @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 over Loki, but sometimes it happens. :wink:

So what to delete after root to increase battery life?

Ask in the tech support forum. Link in the first post