Genesis, WiWatchII app, and notifications

Somehow, I screwed up. My new genesis is no longer getting any notifications. Of course I was playing around trying out things before I settled down with an established watch. So, Got the Genesis in, set it up and everything was working pretty much great. WiiWatchII installed from the APK (scanned from code). Under the notifications there was practically app on my phone listed there for me to select from (turn on or off at will)

After a day, Mr. Ticks suggested first thing to do is to reset phone and aftrer setup to make sure things run smooth. I had not installed any apps or anything like that so I did. However, I really did not like the idea of installing the app from an apk and NOT from the play store, so I uninstalled that also and installed from the Play store. I reset phone, set it back up and BOOM. no notifications. Go to app and into notifications, and to my horror, there are hardly ANY app listed. None of the apps I have installed on my phone is even listed there anymore. I can not get any notifications.

Well, I uninstalled the Play Store version, reset my phone, installed from the apk again (still on my phone in the download folder) and reset my watch a second time. Set everything back up and STILL no notifications on my phone. I go to app again, look in notification meny and still no phone apps listed there. I want to get messages from my selection of apps installed on my phone like messages, email, security apps etc. They are no longer available. I thought it was the difference between WiiWatchII sources, perhaps different versions, but somehow I have screwed up notifications. Can anyone help with this issue?

You might have a look at this post:Watch Droid Phone / Assistant
Most of us are using watchdroid. It is more stable and powerful. But it works for android devices only.

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I didn’t install WiiWatch at all because I am totally standalone. I get all my notifications like WhatsApps, messages,. Gmail etc.
Unless you are tethered to phone with bluetooth there is no need to install WiiWatch or WatchDroid.

Not everybody is using their watch as just a standalone phone. With WatchDroid you can get the notifications from your phone and with texts respond to them by voice, quick answer or keyboard. It eliminates the need to pick up your phone when you get a text. I and many others find this very useful.


I don’t like to carry 2 devices. Which is why I have an unlimited SIM contract for my watch. I get all notifications and the ability to respond JUST LIKE MY SAMSUNG S10+. I also have Whats app installed on the watch. But if you like carrying 2 devices all the time, enjoy…

My 4G+ on my Samsung phone I get 300Mbs down speed and 150 upspeed

on my Genesis I get about 180 Mbs down and 60 up.

Jonathan Bickel
I am out and about on my Ebike a lot here in the Netherlands. We have 4g+ all over the country and now 5G coverage in a couple of months for the whole country. I live in rural area. Unlimited Sim Contracts costt 25 Euros a month. I have 2 contracts and numbers. one for my watch and one for my S10+

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I still dont know how to use the genesis watch. I got and was so confused it dont let you reply to any notifications I have watch droid and Wii watch and still dont know what to do

Hi . You cannot have both installed at the same time . Personally i would not use wiiwatch II and have watchdroid installed on phone and watch . We have a whole thread on watchdroid on this forum . If you get stuck let me know

I don’t have either Wiiwatch or watch droid installed. I just put in a SIM card and logged into my Google account and get all notifications with ability to respond.
All my Chrome bookmarks are synced and Whats App also works flawlessly