Genesis watch will not charge

I have the new genisis watch I love it but all of a suddenly it will not accept a charge at all
As the phone won’t work I hope you can provide a solution

Hi . Read this post and the one above . There are many solutions to this

Make sure your watch has cooled right down , make sure you use main cable . Worth a read then let us know



Now I have this problem. I tried everything mentioned including refrigeration and flashing but no luck so far. Here’s the sequence of events:

I went out to mow the lawn and listened to music on the watch. It got warm but not overly so and I didn’t get a heat warning.

When I got in I noticed the heart rate monitor wasn’t working (no flashing light) so I rebooted. It wouldn’t boot. Using the two button method it did boot, but HR still didn’t work so I turned it off to cool down to room temp.

But then it wouldn’t boot at all. Using both buttons the logo comes on for a while but then the screen goes black. And it won’t charge with either the dock or main cable.

I then tried the refrigerator trick - no change. Then I flashed the watch firmware which succeeded, but it still won’t boot or charge.

Even though I wasn’t particularly sweaty, the sim bay was taped up, and the cameras are clear I’m going to try drying it out. Since the HR was the first sign of trouble I wonder if moisture got in there somehow.

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Morning . When you put in a bag of rice make sure the sim tray cover is removed . Seal the bag and put somewhere a little warm ie window cill . It appears the HRM can be one of the things first to be affected by sweat

After leaving it overnight it now charges, boots, and HR is working. Whew!


Great news . Good to hear

Aside from the sim door, what are other possible points of entry for moisture? Do you know how resistant the speaker opening is for example?

We don’t know for sure. We only found that many of the problems we observed were due to moisture ingress.

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I have tried putting the watch in rice 3 times and now it won’t even turn on

Have you tried all the various charging options on this forum . Although it wont turn on does it get warm when you try to charge

I’ve tried all charging options and yes the watch dose get a little warm but not hot

Ok, since you have exhausted all possibilities, you should contact Jason now and coordinate the further procedure with him.

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