Genesis not charging

My kronosblade Genesis will not charge. It’s incredibly hot every time I put it on the charger and I have no idea how to deal with that. This watch is pretty damn new so no reason that the battery should be bad already

Hi . Have you read the dozens of post relating to this on our forum ? There are many of things to try .

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it sure seems as if a lot of people are having the same issue as I am. Seems like this watch does not have a very good battery. I would really like my battery to be replaced

Yes I tried just about everything here and the best I can do is to get the logo screen to flash on for about a second. That was after using the fridge trick But now I can’t even seem to get that. This would have been a really cool watch if I could use it for more than an hour without the battery dying and now it not working in any capacity

Hi . If you have tried everything mentioned from different power sources , power button , fridge trick , different cables and even flashing the firmware then you must contact jason for a return . But again before doing so please try EVERY option we have suggested first . Many users watches have come back to life using one of the mentioned solutions as silly as some may seem . Best of luck


But also, a watch this new should not have to come back to life. I mean what kind of products are you guys selling?

How would I go about flashing the firmware if I can’t even get the watch to turn on?

You don’t have to turn it on to flash it. Just follow the tutorials.


Look man I do not want to spend a whole bunch of time trying to fix What I already know is a battery issue that I’m not going to be able to fix on my own

I would like to go about exchanging it or something for one that does work. I find it ridiculous that’s so many people are having the same issue. I really do like this watch when it works but even when it did work I was lucky to get a couple hours out of it. the website says this battery is supposed to last for 72 hours and I have seen nothing even approaching 15 hours

If you refuse to try the solutions above i cannot help you ? Returning can be a pain and we are only trying to help you . Usually one of these fixes work . But we cannot force you to try

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Where do i find these tutorials?

this maybe due to bad battery management by you . Is wifi and gps on all the time ? Have you turned off google sync ? Is the pedometer left on etc …

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A simple suggestion. Have you cleaned the contacts on the watch before using the cable to charge it. They may look clean but have a film on them from sweat. Use a microfiber cloth or alcohol to clean them until they look shiny again. If they are dirty it can cause the connection to heat up at the point of contact also not allow current flow. Using a inline Volt/Amp meter would clarify if any current is flowing to the watch. As Andy has referred to good battery management will allow you normally get 24+ hours out of a charge. This is not like your phone with its large battery where you can turn everything on and leave it run all day. I have no battery issues with any of the 5 watches I currently own.

I have barely been able to even use this thing. outside of connecting it to my phone I have done nothing at all. And I do not have a PC. ever since the last time I tried to charge it with the wearable charger and it got really hot it has not even taken a charge. I have seen battery issues with watches before. Either this battery was bad from the beginning or It went bad while charging. I’m not even asking for my money back I just want a watch that works. That’s all. I enjoyed it for the few minutes that I got to play with it before the battery would run out. But even with a completely empty memory and not even connected by bluetooth yet, the battery ticked down by about 1% per minute. Thats a bad battery if i ever saw one. So without a PC myself I have to pay someone to do this process of flashing the firmware. a process which I already know isn’t going to work.

These are the only options you can try . Try them all one by one and if it doesnt work contact jason regarding for a return . We offer software solutions but if its a hardware issue we cannot offer anymore advice than has been given . Good luck

Then how do I get a hold of Jason?