Genesis - first steps and setup

I’m going to post some videos here that I hope will help people with some of their questions.

A setup video for the Genesis from Mr Ticks:

Another which includes flashing firmware and is applicable to many watches.

A general setup guide for full android watches - a more general video but the principal is the same.

More on the way


here is a tutorial how to install, apps,delete ,clockscin whatever you want to do from your desktop
to your GENESIS without to work from your small watch screen


You beat me to it… :blush:
Thanks very much @Glitterfart
I was having dinner.
Haven’t had a chance to watch it yet.
Awesome of you to help like this :+1::+1:
I guess you use Vysor?

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Yes i am its explained in the video

sorry to all of you its my very first video ever im not a videomaker( rather a layman lol ) nor i have any intention to sell or gain profits just an easy tutorial to help the forum here

Yep I saw…
Great and much appreciated :+1:


Great job . Thankyou for your video :+1:

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I have lost access to the apps list the right screen is blank.
Restart does not solve the problem.
How can I do a factory reset without access to the menu?

@BENOIT_DION Hmm you can look up how to use ADB commands but flashing the firmware is easy if you have a Windows machine.
Just go to the Genesis firmware thread and grab the stuff I’ve posted there.
It’s very easy to do.

I would like to know how you did this?
An app install or messing around with the developer options?


by installing a batch of program without waiting for each to finish

Best way is to just flash the firmware :+1:

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I suggest NOT using Vysor. It messed with my brightness levels and could not be fixed without a factory reset (also doing the factory reset meant I had to do the push both buttons thing to bring it back to life as after the reset the watch was unresponsive).

@aeger Would that be by using the development options by any chance?

Vysor is perfectly safe if it is used as intended.
I have been using it for years with no problems at all.

But like anything else - if you play with settings you are unsure of - it can lead to problems.

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All I can say is the moment Vysor installed on my computer and then watch I lost screen brightness

Yep ok.
Not sure why but that’s very unfortunate.
I have on mine and I have been using it with no problems.

One thing I guess is that the Genesis screen resolution is lower than most but it is best to not adjust the screen resolution.
If you just refresh vysor it will adjust.

  1. Run VYSOR
  2. Open SETTING
  4. Dim Display While Connected OFF

The thing is that you don’t change these settings. Stock values work well.
Vysor is a useful tool for carrying out some operations on the watch.

It is not something that you use all the time and so you don’t touch any of the standard settings.
It’s really that simple.

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I agree . Used Vysor with every watch and never had a issue ever . Never altered any settings

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