Free watch-face with touch zones

Now you can download my new watch face Hom.10. Tested just in Optimus 2
It have 2 touch zones: in the moon opens Camera and in the data opens Settings.
In the page there are other faces to download too.



And nice, I’m not capable, but it would be nice if in the empty places you could insert 3 touches with the droid watch connections, WhatsApp, the phone. Thank you I hope I didn’t bother.

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I will try to do this

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Here it is:

Thank you, If you can enter watchdroid . Good job. Even instead of whatsapp. I would love to learn

Read this its really good

Help I installed a faces and I can no longer see the screen… Cmoe I can do a reset

What watch do you have ? Which clockskin did you install . You may have to flash the firmware

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grazie sono riuscito a farlo ripartire .

Please edit your post to english
Thankyou :+1:

thanks I managed to get it started again.

Suddenly today my watch face stopped working: Dont shows the moon and difficult the touch. I cant understand why stopped. Optimus 2 with faw optimus2 1.2

If it doesnt work after turning on and off factory reset watch and all will be okay

How did you even get the face to your watch i have the same watch and i cant get the faces from phone to my watch

To install faces from your phone to the watch, you can use clockskin transfer:


Nice work, thanks.
Works on Rogbid PandaPro.

I supplemented the touch points for my needs, added an audio recorder, a barometer, and a contact-caller. Runs on Rogbid PandaPro

@AudriusD , have you ask for permission to publish it?
@hom , are you fine with this modified version?

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Sorry, dont got permissiont to publish it, edited post