for anyone who looks for an app that forward calls and sms (i barely

for anyone who looks for an app that forward calls and sms (i barely use mostly hangout ) no instructions but you need to install it on both devices.

Can you answer messages from your watch for example?

I’ve just install it and waiting for another phone to be used and I’ll will give feedback about calls and sms

It uses WiFi or Hotspot need to be on the same net so outside I’ll use BT tethering

So you could use both: WiFi or Bluetooth? Thanks for your answer!

yes, i prefer using wifi when at home and BT thethering when not at home and not hotspot. works fine i can answer calls from the watch and sms but there are some problems and i’ll contact the developer about if he can fix it: it says number is not recognized when i try to send sms through the watch so maybe it can be fix, i’m using this for mainly calls so sms not that important to me cos i do’nt use it much but nice to not get up or take the phone out to answer a call:) for most notifications i use mainly M2D.

Get me posted. Looks good. I’ve been looking to buy a Finow X5, but tethering is something that I need. It doesn’t need to be something that good, only stable.

i want to check again to make sure i hear the other side i just saw getting the call but did’nt answer so need again to wait for another phone:\ why the x5? why not one of the new 5.1 watches like:,searchweb201602_3_10037_9983_10033_507_10032_10020_10017_10021_10022_401_10018_101_10019,searchweb201603_9&btsid=09188f97-d9c7-42fc-9a59-d0493e5480bd,searchweb201602_3_10037_9983_10033_507_10032_10020_10017_10021_10022_401_10018_101_10019,searchweb201603_9&btsid=f58440a1-2f7b-4f3d-91ee-83418094deb5,searchweb201602_3_10037_9983_10033_507_10032_10020_10017_10021_10022_401_10018_101_10019,searchweb201603_9&btsid=b9d54d35-3c00-48b8-b30b-6916ac2caeee,searchweb201602_3_10037_9983_10033_507_10032_10020_10017_10021_10022_401_10018_101_10019,searchweb201603_9&btsid=332b6085-1c96-46b8-8340-40e3561e0f92

long list:)

what is M2D?,searchweb201602_3_10037_9983_10033_507_10032_10020_10017_10021_10022_401_10018_101_10019,searchweb201603_9&btsid=332b6085-1c96-46b8-8340-40e3561e0f92

Aren’t these two the X5? I really don’t know. I love the look and the features of the X5 by watching the reviews of @SmartWatch_Ticks

@Goran_Zemun go here

it is for notifications from all apps and you can even reply some of them like whatsapp and more…

@Diego_Torres the x5 has 3 bottons and most watches has 2 or one. i think if you want to buy a watch it is better the latest, no? but i’m not sure if you can add watch faces as to the D5\x3\x5\x1…

That’s a good question… It would be a pitty if I couldn’t :frowning:
There are a lot of them, and very nice by the way. Yes I agree with you, the newest the better, but which are the differences? Also, would you recommend me to buy a standalone watch or an android wear watch (this is in the event of the bluboo xwatch having android wear). Greetings from Uruguay!

well…i’m not a fan of Android Wear (AW) too expensive but does’nt let you do much with it. i can go out and still use my watch without the need of the phone like when i workout, what i install on the watch do’nt need it on my phone, true today you can find AW less than 150USD but still i prefer the standalone watches and as you can see these watches are getting better and being improved BUT it is your decision just make the thing you want from a watch and see which is better for you the AW watches or the standalone watches.

The only thing that makes me think about it it’s the tethering option. I need to see the notifications from my phone (and answer them), but as you said I need some standalone features while I am working out.

can someone say something about battery consumation on watch when m2d is working?

Do you think I would prefer a standalone watch based of what I had said? Thank you very much. I am very undecised :frowning:

It depend what you need, stand alone watch is practicly phone…and gear is watch

@Goran_Zemun fine, i get a whole day of usage almost a 24hr usage with it. better use BT tethering when out than hotspot it still does’nt work with 3g but the developer still working on it:)

@Diego_Torres you’re right it is not an easy decision it is better to check what you can do with AW watch without the phone on you and then decide if it is better choice, i like the idea that i have gps, wifi, 3g in a watch that reduce the usage of the phone. i do’nt play or surf the web on the watch that is just impossible with tiny screen but when i workout i use gps, 3g for connectivity and the playlist that i want only on the watch.