flashing the Rom on prime 2 smartwatch

ok i forgot my password to get into the watch i read in manual that i have to re-flash the Rom now i have looked can not find anything. PLease if anyone can help i need to get in to the watch i need to over ride this so i can factory reset

My kp2 just arrived yeaterday and a new firmware also wow @pablo11 can you help me to flash this new firmware in my watch i dont know how well first time .so please help .i really like the features

You need to download the tools I attached to the Firmware thread and first install the drivers.
You need a windows PC and 7zip app
Then place the SP Flash Tool folder on your desktop.
Power off the watch.
Then open the flash tool exe file in the flash tool folder.
Extract the firmware to a new folder on your desktop using 7zip extractor (free tool)
Then in flash tool click on Scatter File and navigate to the extracted firmware and select the scatter file.
In the flash tool make sure you have Download Only selected.
Click on the download button in the flash tool.

Maker sure your usb cable is securely attached to the back of your watch and DO NOT move it !!
Then connect the USB other end of the cable to your PC and the firmware will flash automatically.

Do NOT disturb it until it says COMPLETE.
Then boot the watch - it will take a while.
After it has booted - got to settings and perform a factory reset.
That’s it.
But I STRONGLY advise you to watch videos first.
There are plenty of them.

How to Flash new Firmware to your Android Smartwatch - YouTube

(34) [Revised] How to use SP Flash tool to flash Mediatek firmware - YouTube

Here are a couple to get you started.


Thank you very much time to learn (back to school)

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Which wire do we use here the charging with comes with the kp2 or some other . Hopefully the same

No, it’s a special cable. You can buy it here in the forum for 299$.
Just kidding. It’s the same cable… :grin:

Reading that first line gave me a heart attack :frowning:

I read it rhat it says if we double tap screen it lights up does it work it might eat up battery

Yes, it needs battery. But it’s not so much. Goto settings- display to enable it.

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Any1 can guide how to update Kospet Prime 2 step by step?(please)

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Read as mentioned above along with this


By the way if you update it after that official kospet release his update will it messed up system if you over update it?


I’ll wait until it’s officially in the watch to download. I don’t believe in the update here and it’s very complicated.

It’s not so hard :wink:. But it’s up to you, off course.

Like for whom if I haven’t done it yet and I don’t understand how to start at all.


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Check the link i send there my friend pablo helped me get it you should try its easy

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I’m afraid I’ve done it once on my mobile phone and it didn’t turn out well, I messed it up and I threw away my mobile phone, no one could fix it.

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It’s up to you.
It’s actually extremely easy if you follow the instructions.

It will be a while before the official OTA arrives… Maybe some weeks.

But that’s fine… It’s all good :+1: