Flashing firmware on lemt

Last week i flashed TICWRIS_MAX_V1.2_20200107 firmware on my LEMT using firmware update option of SP Flash Tool. Turn on my LEMT and surprice, did´t do nothing. Reading again the instructions, i realized my error “download option use only” and again used download option with DM100_LEMT_V1.0_20190831(32+3) firmware and my LEMT did´t do nothing, i change option to firmware update using DM100_LEMT_V1.0_20190831(32+3) again and my LEMT sounds LEMFO start sound and shows only white bars like pic.
Change to DM100_LEMT_V2.0_20200713_20200712_062848 firmware using download only option and my LEMT sounds LEMFO start sound and shows only white bars again.
I took a pic before flash TICWRIS_MAX_V1.2_20200107 firmware and stock firmware of my LEMT was DM100_LEMT_V1.1_20200717.

Do you have firmware?
Can you help me about this problem?

Read here you are not the only one who has done this LEM T Reviews and FAQs

There seems to be a problem with people doing this and we don’t know if it is a screen driver mismatch or faulty hardware.

Ok, I checked with the firmware team and the screen module is different and so this is the result.

Did you flash full firmware of MAX or just boot and system image?

I have arranged for a fix unless you use firmware upgrade and flash the full LEM T firmware from the top post of that thread… https://discourse.fullandroidwatch.org/t/lem-t-reviews-and-faqs/

Thanks @Eric_Crochemore

So it turns out that the correct firmware for this screen type (V2) has to have the D at the end of the date of the version.

I am looking for one at the moment.
Don’t flash any other at the moment

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I am uploading the fix firmware now.
Should not be long

Here is the firmware you need

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Thanks a lot. Will check firmware on my lemt.

What I need to do?
Download option only or firmware update?

First time, only download firmware and second time, firmware update.

Just flash this using Firmware Upgrade option

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Could I also have this firmware version please? Trying to at least get my dm100 back to some forms of usable condition. Thank you.

just follow the link and press download

Didn’t realize I had to select the menu tab and then select download. For some reason I thought when I pressed on the Drive file it would automatically start downloading. Thanks to both “pablo11” and “noidremained”!!! THIS SAVED MY INVESTMENT IN THIS WATCH BECAUSE IT IS NOW A FUNCTIONAL PROPERLY WORKING DEVICE AGAIN!!! Hopefully someday I can be of assistance to the two of you or others who are here on this wonderful forum seeking help :+1:t5:


Good to hear :+1::+1::+1: