FIFA WorldCup 2018 I'm a Fan of the English Team ,

FIFA WorldCup 2018

I’m a Fan of the English Team , so c’mon England !
Here are my Faces for the Game today.

Download 1 :

Download 2 :

Great watchfaces Jorg! However the 1st one has the 24hr time mixed http://up.Ie 17:30 is showing as 05:30. Would be great if you could fix. Anymore new England ones, would also be downloaded!!!

@Clive_Mason mmmhhh, i Check this in my watch and the time will be dispayed correct. I made a little Bit different Version of the First watch for all teams (England included):
So please check.

I also spend so much time in Cornwall (luv it) so here is a little work i done a time ago :

@Clive_Mason is the time in the settings of your watch set to 24h or maybe 12h?

Jorg, now working, had to change settings!! Sorry for wasting your time. Would be brilliant if you could do one with Three Lions. May have to do quickly before we’re knocked out of World Cup :slight_smile:

@Clive_Mason this is for you, Bro

CHEERS MATE! Excellent, speedy work and completed whilst still in the W. Cup! Can’t wait to impress my mates, watching us play Panama…

@Clive_Mason you’re welcome😉 and c’mon England⚽

@Clive_Mason another one for the Match tomorrow

Much appreciated, mate!. IF we get to final, you’ll be a busy man!! :slight_smile:

@Clive_Mason :rofl: i hope so :wink:


Hi Mate, great momento!! However downloaded and full wachface shows on watch (when face pressed and selecting), but when selected the graphics dont show, just the time, number of steps etc. Maybe to big for watch?(LEMPRO 5). Will try again later for work, as I will need it to show the Polish the time!!

@Clive_Mason mhhhh, i test all faces in my Finow X5 ,it’s simular to the Lem5, and work well :thinking:

Ok mate, now I’ve sobered up, I’ll try again!

SORTED!! Thanks again!!! Can now show the Polish the time :slight_smile:

@Clive_Mason :smile::rofl::smiley::sweat_smile:


@Jorg_Hessinger I knew I could rely on you to come up with the goods!!! Nice touch and works. Thank you. Lucky I have plenty of spare storage incase we get to Final :slight_smile: "Football’s Coming Home! ?:slight_smile:

@Clive_Mason “Football’s Coming Home”- Just in my heart, i’m from germany, but if i could choose it will be South-England :grin::heart_eyes:
So i hope i will create 3+ more Team Watchfaces :+1: