Face swap kospet prime

Hi Guys is there an app that can swap the faces automatically. Ie so they can change throughout the day, or hour even.


You beat me… :joy::+1:


Let me add that Universal Launcher is required.

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I completely forgot about this app :sweat_smile:

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Thanks Guys so good to use with my kospet prime.ive not used universal launcher. Should I install it and delete my clockskin transfer I’m using.

The clockskins you’ve always transfered will not deleted. You can use them all, exept the stockfaces.


I downloaded this app (Clockskin Randomizer) but can’t get it to work for me. I have the Kospet Prime 2 and UL 3.4.8. I have mostly .watch files in the clockskins folder on my watch. I contacted the Clockskin Randomizer app developer who said it should work with .watch files as well as clockskins. Do I have to do anything else besides enabling the app with the desired switch time interval? (I tried turning off battery optimizations for the app and also tried allowing unrestricted data for the app, but none of that helped.)

Have you told him that you use an Android 10 watch ?

At first I did not (that’s when I heard back from him), but later I mentioned to him that I have the Kospet Prime 2. Does Android 10 mean it won’t work? I noticed the app hasn’t been updated on the Play Store since August 2019.

I requested this app from him, and unfortunately that doesn’t work on Android 10.

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I was not aware that it did not work on A10! I’ll check it with one of the newer watches and publish an update asap.

Thanks for reporting!


I reported it back in November, and you told me it was probably because of Android 10 scoped storage, but you had limited time to fix at that time.

Thank you in advance @iscle. I would love to have this app on my A10 watch!!

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Me too, especially the Day’n’nite. It’s perfect to have a very bright watchface suitable for daylight in the day, and then one of the stylish night time faces for evening and night :ok_hand:


Oh, that’s true! I completely forgot about that, sorry :frowning: too many things going on…

I’ll try to have it for this week :slight_smile:

Anybody else know any swap face app that actually works fine with the stock launcher??
Got a LEMFO LEMP and I’m interested in this type of apps.


Reading the post it seems unconfimed if working with stock launcher

That app looks good, but I mean, an app on wich you can swap your skin/face every certain time, like every one, two, three hours, something like that. Not only every day/night time.
And works with stock launcher.

There isn’t any. Why not using Universal Launcher?