Error GPS of the LOKMAT APPLLP 4

The watch’s GPS is unreliable. When I use the “ride a bike” function there is a difference in the end of the trip about more than 3km compared to other gps (Garmin) to which I compared it. Do you know if there is a way to fix this problem?
Thank you.

The best you can do us factory reset and hope it improves . Out of all the watches for running i have tested vs a phone the nearest i can get over 6.3 mile is 0.25 of a mile out . You will always get better results from a premium more expensive watch .


Thanks for answer.

Have you tried the forum firmware? It does not rely on Chinese configuration.

You can update to v1.0 first and then v1.2 stable release…
Made in partnership with the Chinese solution provider for these watches.

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Ok, thanks, but witch firmware I have to choose for the APPLLP 4 ? do you have a link ?
Is there a tutorial to see how to make the flash ?
Thanks you.

You have taken the time to read up on this right?
LEM15 is same as the Lokmat APPLLP 4 because they are the same watch.

If you watch Mr Ticks video about this…it is the same for all the watches supported by the FAW international firmware project.

Here he shows the Prime 2 but the process is the same.
You will be using the LEM15 update zip from here and use v1.0 coming from stock. Then you can update to v1.2 using the same method.

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Ok, thank you for the explaination, I will try this then see if it solve the probleme. I will coming back here to tell you the result.

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This video doesn’t explain how to flash the watch…Can anyone help me ? Thanks

Read this

Use " firmware upgrade "

This is for flashing stock firmware only

Thank you, do you know where I can download the Flash Tool and the USB Driver ?

There is a search function at the top of the forum… For future reference…

Ok, understood.

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I followed the tutorial but at the stage of loading “scater file” (FAW-LEM15-V1.0), I get an error message (see the link)… Thanks

Which firmware are you using at the moment?
Can you post the version please?

You should not be loading a scatter file for the FAW firmware.
It is a zip file that should be used from the watch storage.
Have you read the instructions on how to use it?
I thought you had watched the video up above?

This is the firmware of the watch actualy :

Hi, I don’t see any zip file that you’re talking about in the watch storage…
Thank you.

You have to download the faw firmware first and push it to your storage.

Ok, thank you, but what is the FAW Firmware ?