Doubts about WatchMaker and Universal Launcher interaction


I hope someone more experienced than me and using not WearOS smartwatch (full android 7.1 version) could help me with this.

I bought WatchMaker app premium version but when I access that app from my phone (not having synced with smartwatch yet) I could only see paid watch faces. Fortunately I found a watch faces WatchMaker creator who offer his watch faces free free WatchMaker watch faces and also a tutorial in how to install a WatchMaker watch face into the smartwatch in this video. I haven’t tested because I ordered a app refund because I didn’t get support from the app developers about if it was going to be compatible with my smartwatch with Universal Launcher and where could I find more free WatchMaker watch faces, I’m not the only user complaining in app review that after paying premium app version, you only see paid watch faces (nothing changed since free WatchMaker) with advertisements and additional upgrade to VIP for around 15$ more (plus the premium payment) but I didn’t want to pay anymore because I wasn’t able to find free watch faces, no tutorial in how to install WatchMaker watch faces, no support help to see if my Kospet Prime was compatible with WatchMaker watch faces counting with Universal Launcher that has allowed me to user another WearOS watch faces I got.

So my questions about WatchMaker app are the next ones:

  1. Have someone used WatchMaker to give us a guidance in how to search free WatchMaker watch faces as the support answered in app comments that more than 60000 free watch faces with premium paid app?
    Here it seems to be free watchfaces but I don’t have much idea in how to use, it has a download button that redirects you to WatchMaker app.
    Here I found another web that requires login to download watch faces for WatchMaker, GearWatchDesigner, and Facer WearOS watch faces.

  2. Have someone used WatchMaker that could tell us if we have to install WatchMaker app in phone and smartwatch like in the video I posted?

  3. Will it change the way to install WatchMaker watch faces with Universal Launcher than WearOS smartwatches? I guess answer to this is yes but how?

  4. I also downloaded 500 WatchMaker watch faces from here where installation instructions are as follows:
    “A) You will see the “BeautifulWatches” folder
    B) Long press the “BeautifulWatches” folder and choose “copy”
    C) Navigate back to your Internal Storage or SDcard folder which already contains your “Beautiful Watches” folder, and select “Copy Here” at the bottom
    D) Let that finish
    E) Close and reopen Watchmaker if its already open, all faces should be loaded.”
    Have anyone tried this WatchMaker watch faces pack and tested installation method?
    Will it work if I copy other watch faces from different engines inside Beautiful Watches folders that seems to be the WatchMaker watch faces folder if they didnt’ changed?

Additional Watch Faces apps:
About Facer app, I didn’t tested but you only have 10 free watch faces and you need:
“You will need to download and install Facer on you phone and also the Facer Companion App on your watch. Facer will then show up as a face in your Gear App. When you choose this “face” the selected Facer face should show up on you watch. Your existing face collection is entirely separate and you cannot transfer faces into or out of Facer - you can however choose from the many thousands of existing Facer faces or build your own.”
So at least in Facer, you can’t transfer your already owned watch faces to Facer and you are limited to 10 watch faces with free version, you have another suscription alternatives but I consider WatchMaker better in their offer. Compatible? It should selecting Facer watch face, not tested but I don’t think worth a try.

About Gearwatchdesigner is a Samsung Watch Faces developemt (so I guess WearOS if I’m not wrong) so you don’t need nothing there except download those watch faces from somewhere (I tried to search in but I didn’t found any Gearwatchdesigner watch face) and here there is a tutorial in how to install in Samsung Galaxy S2/S3 (it seems these watch faces are .GWD files type extension ) and here is the tutorial in how to install in Samsungs:

Thanks for any info you could give us.

Regards and thanks.

With UL, you just have to put your .watch files in the clockskin folder to install them. No need for watchmaker app.

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@Eric_Crochemore I know thanks a lot Eric but my question is, what about if you want to use a third app for watch faces as WatchMaker? That app will store their watch faces in their folder so that was my question, if someone was able to use both together.


Your question is so long that I’ve not found it. But we’re not a watchmaker support forum, so probably the response will be the one above…


I use both together they work perfectly. Just export the watch face you like then go file manager in your phone, go to internal storage, beautiful watch faces, export,then save it to Google drive.
Then download straight from Google drive on your watch works perfect everytime.


@Besty Thanks a lot. Then I guess any android smartwatch user can use this app with Universal Launcher:

  1. Buying premium version and installing in phone
  2. Downloading WearOS watch faces in your phone from pages
  3. Exporting WatchMake WearOSr watch faces in your phone
  4. Access Beautiful watch faces/export directory and store in Google Drive or any other cloud storage service
  5. Access from your smartwatch to that cloud storage and download to your smartwatch clockskin folder

Thanks a lot @Besty

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I use Google files to move the files to the clock skin folder

I like Google find files cause it has a build I’m zip extractor so extracting skins that show up black becomes easy.

Can you point me to the latest non-beta UL?