Does my Finow x5 plus have an issue or is the stock clockskin download

Does my Finow x5 plus have an issue or is the stock clockskin download section of the watch useless. When ever I try to get to the faces at the end of the list the watch just buffers constantly looking but finding nothing. Is everyone else having this problem and is there a way to get the faces to appear faster and easier as I’m now at the end of my tether with it.

try it on wi-fi ?

Thanks but I don’t have a kw88 I only have an x5plus

@kevin_samworth Hi Kevin - we always advise people not to use this function. It’s much safer to just copy your favorite faces to a folder called ClockSkin (which you create yourself) on the watch storage.
The reason I say this is that:
a) the download server for these faces is located in China. Crap connection at the best of times.
b) if a download fails half or part way through, (which it often does) it corrupts the launcher data base - resulting in you being unable to boot the watch.
c) the only way to sure these symptoms for most people is a complete re-flash of the watch firmware.

We have been trying to persuade the watch companies to remove this feature for a long time. It’s unpredictable, dangerous and the watch faces you can download are just our really old stuff taken from XDA. You are much safer if you collect all your favorite faces and place them in a folder called ClockSkin on your PC. Then you just copy this to your watch storage any time it’s needed…

My kw88 is 43% charged and there is no sign of the power hand so it’s likely to have moved off the face (same as the previous version).
There’s another group called “KW88 Smartwatch Tips” owned by a “Al Rod”
I’ve had several conversations about the power hand with him and he alleges to have cured the power hand problem - I discovered this by asking for tips relating to this problem (as the community is called KW88 SmartWatch Tips) - I asked because I have been trying to repair some existing faces - Al Rod suggested that if I want a face with a working power hand to make a ‘voluntary’ donation and he would allow me access to his premium faces - however, he won’t tell me which faces have a working power hand or how many there are - I have no desire to pay out for a watch face I haven’t even seen…
Sadly, any posts I make on there mysteriously disappear…
So, it might well be worth trying Al Rod and see if he will give you any clues as to how he’s cured this problem - it might be diplomatic to not mention that I suggested it…
Good luck… :slight_smile:

Thank you Pablo. I’m only really using this feature to gain the blue watch face used in Finow advertising campaign for the watch. Does anyone know a safer place to get this face from. As for the clockskin folder I have been dropping faces Into my clockskin for some time now and I would happy use this way for this clockskin if I only knew a safe place to download it from

Can you post a picture of it? I’ll see what I can do.

@Samsung_Galaxy and @Alessandro_Limonta also try asking @Blood_Report .

You should not have to pay for advice

Where is it ?
I’m still not familiar with google+ communities

I don’t object to paying, but voluntary should be voluntary - and I just want to get some existing faces working - not buy faces of an undisclosed design…
If I do find any faces by Al Rod that I like and use, I’ll be more than happy to voluntarily make a donation
“Pay me for my premium faces” isn’t the most helpful reply to the question “does anyone know why the power hand is broken”
I don’t think KWW88 Smartwatch Tips is a particularly informative name if you can’t ask for tips - is it a community or a shop ??
Anyway, several more posts of mine - including a plea for help with posting - have vanished from KW88 SmartWatch Tips - so I guess it isn’t going to be a problem for me :slight_smile: lol

@Alessandro_Limonta probably true :slight_smile:

I have now secured the face I was looking for. Thank you Pablo for both your advice as Well as your offer to help.

@Alessandro_Limonta asking @Blood_Report won’t cost a penny - his work and advice are free :slight_smile: Nice guy actually.
Not to be confused with Al Rod who is running KW88 tips and tricks and charging for it.

Al Rod is currently offering a few premium faces for free because today is father’s day (his words) which is very strange as he states everything he offers is free… :S

@Alessandro_Limonta AHA - I see.

I just tried version 3 - no better
I suspect that either the xml commands the new KW88 firmware has adopted are different or the syntax is - I’ve already tried many different things - changing each parameter in turn and even removing them to try to isolate the problem

I do have 1 face with a working power hand - however, I can’t ascertain why it works :S the only difference I can see from the ones that don’t work is that the hand is that Y = 0

Could that be a clue ?

@Samsung_Galaxy yes - he’s a strange character. He was offering everything for free. Then a few people from Watch Awear and other Wear sites got pissed at him for copying their work (which he started here until I asked him to credit them. As soon as I asked him to credit people he went off on his own) and now you have to ask to become a member and he just deletes all posts most of the time. Very odd indeed…

Which country is it father’s day in ?
Woo hoo, he’s just deleted another post of mine !!!

are there no changes between version 2 and 3?
I don’t have both on, but neither have a power hand visible…

I’ve found a face with a power hand that does work - would it be worth comparing it to ascertain the difference ?