Distance not shown in ClockSkin WatchFace

Hi, I’ve installed on my LEMFO LES1 this clockskin, which works fine except for the Distance which is not shown.

This is the ClockSkin model → Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Distance not shown is the value 1973 in the above photo.

These are the files .xml referred to Distance and the Main Watch Skin.

clock-skin.xml → <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><clockskin> <drawable> <name>back.p - Pastebin.com

Dist.xml → <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><drawables> <image>Dist_num_0.png</ima - Pastebin.com

Your OS is Android 5.1. It can’t handle distance, sorry. Most of the android 7.1 clockskin engines can handle it. And all of the android 10 clockskin engines.

But in my default steps counter APP there is also distance recorded in Kilometers.
Are you sure?

However thanks for replying.

Yes, I am. Sorry.

Thank you very much for the Support.

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You still can install universal launcher to make it work.

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@G1NT0N1C @Eric_Crochemore

Do you know if there’s an array value which counts the number of notifications unread?

So that maybe I can put it in the .xml file rather than distance array value (60).

Thank you really much.

Yes. AT50 is missed calls, AT51 is missesd SMS and AT55 are both together. But you’ll have the same problem: It won’t work on Android 5 stocklauncher. You realy should think about using Universal Launcher.

Thank you really much.

Is this APP?


Yes, but you’ll find a newer version here in the forum:
-ClockSkinCoco-3.4.8.apk - Google Drive

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Here ist the universal Launcher thread:
-Universal Launcher [Ver. 3.x and above]

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Thanks for everything.

@G1NT0N1C @Eric_Crochemore
I have Installed the Universal Launcher APP but it’s laggy on my LEMFO LES1, do you have other solutions?

Do you have a thread with all the APP versions?

I’m now trying 2.1.4 because on a thread I have seen a youtube video about it with my Lemfo Les1

I have tried both 2.1.4 and 2.2.7 and they are stable, the only problem is that clockskins downloaded from Clockskin.us do not show anymore values like steps, heart, ecc.