Discussion regarding wish lists

Talk here about what you think should or could be done to these Android devices.
But keep it real please.

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I am advanced user of the smartwatches since the first generation of Galaxy GEAR watch from SAMSUNG (SM-V700) with custom rom (full android)
It would be great to have similar watch with current up-to-date hardware - main request is to keep the camera placement facing outwards (on the body of the watch, not on the belt) to ensure that watch is water tight to 50 meters (at least to allow swimming/snorkeling with it – see Sunto watches for good water tight specs)

For Kospet Prime – Watch is nice but I have following (software) problems:

  1. cradle connection sound would be nice to have – for now it is not sure that it is really well connected and charging
  2. charging icon is displayed but too short time – please display it for longer or for whole time when watch is connected to the cradle
  3. lack of ability to customize buttons (especially down button for camera operation for example
  4. lack of configurable default applications screen – by sweeping right – after the list (or “apple style” apps icons) there should be possible to select 6-9 application shortcuts in the screen
  5. lack of quick dial contact list (I need to be able to dial quickly to 6 or 9 contacts – activate call on the main phone when watch is in airplane mode, and activate call on the watch with SIM active
  6. switching from round to square screen make the menu list invisible (ok after restart)
  7. swipe up shall be customizable – instead of default sport application it should be configurable – for example to launch camera
  8. temperature on the default watch screen is updated, however with delay (only when weather check is done)
  9. video on the main camera is recorded VERTICALLY ???!!! WHY not horizontally ???
  10. COMMUNICATION WITH PHONE when with watch in the “airplane mode” but with BT/wifi on - to see incoming calls notifications – who is calling. When (Connected normal big Android phone) phone is ringing – this shall be improved – please start to work with company Lumatic Software - and integrate/optimize well their application “Watch Droid” - in general please be more aware of the real use of the watch – in most cases watch is used WITH close integration with large phone (like Samsung NOTE10+) and all messages from phone shall be displayed on the watch, it should be possible to start phone calls from watch but ON THE PHONE with BT headset connected, so for example when You are riding the bike, there is no need to take big phone out from the pocket- You start the phone call from the watch, and talk over BT headset. Phone functionality in the watch itself is used only from time to time – for example if somebody goes to run or goes to the beach (that is why 5atm water tightness is needed) – just to be able to make quick phone call from the watch, without taking “big” phone on the run. In general – please copy the behavior (and stability ) of the Samsung watches, just keep the camera …
  11. Please allow to disable animation for time display – If somebody want to have quick look – it takes time the watch “stabilize” and shows real time
  12. Screen on rising – works with delay – it is not stable for all the time
  13. Default setup is missing calculator application.
  14. temperature on the default watch screen is updated, however with delay (only when weather check is done)
  15. contacts are displayed by first name instead of last name – I did not find the way to switch this setting for last name first
  16. For desktop adaptation and functionality – to allow configuration as in NOVA LAUNCHER – to be able to set icons as needed, enable swipe actions, etc.

Hardware upgrade requests for “ideal watch”:

  • 5 atm water tight – please make such watch really water tight to allow to swim/dive with it
  • Cameras shall be placed at 12 hour Instead of 3 and face outwards (same as on SM-V700 Samsung watch) with second camera front facing.
  • Camera shall record video in horizontal mode PLEASE!!!
  • Camera quality – please use 5MP camera sensor with good low light quality – there is no need for too many megapixels, but the camera shall offer good quality
  • Two more customizable buttons on the left of the watch to launch custom applications quickly
  • Wireless charging
  • Reliable pulse/ecg measurement

Hi . I read your post and to be honest i wasnt sure how to respond at first . We all want the perfect watch but we all know we will never get it . Dont forget these watches are much cheaper than big brands so you have no chance at all of fullfilling your huge list . The prime and lem10 are probably the best watches out at the moment . But if i were you i wouldnt buy a smartwatch again . You are way too fussy :wink:


I agree on camera recording in landscape, i’ve never understood why vertical… I don’t have vertical tv…
For the camera placement, the kospet vision is what you need.


For the 12 o’clock camera placement look out for the Kronosblade Genesis

I am working with Jason on this and I assure you that the Genesis front camera is at 9 o’clock but main camera is at the top on the body at 12 o’clock.
So I guess you are talking about the main camera, right?

And you want all of this (most of which are just not possible on the full Android class of watch) for this price tag?

The whole point of these devices is to offer an alternative to the over priced WearOS and Apple / Tizen watches - for a reasonable price.

You should probably look at these other devices rather than these Android devices that we focus on here.


Yup, the main camera
Then you could just point at whatever you’re capturing like Iron Man :grin:
The positioning of the front camera doesn’t matter to me tho


Yeah, I understand :grin:
I think the Genesis looks very promising and it’s using a reflective TFT screen (not transflective) that is almost as big as the Prime.

Once we have a release date and hardware is almost ready - I will make an official post about it.
Kronos Blade (Jason) is working on the advertising materials at the moment :+1::+1:


Lem 10 is the good candidate for further “perfect model” also - the main issue with current model it is that the main camera is still in the wrong place…

So far I did not find any pictures of Kronosblade Genesis - is it already released?

I still use my SM-V700 Galaxy Gear watch with camera and F-Omey rom - full android rom.
I just want the same but with better hardware… it has been 5 years since oryginal Galaxy gear release…

Yes, I want main camera at 12 o’clock, for front facing camera it does not matter at all where it is.

No- Kospet vision has main camera still in the wrong place - at 3PM. I want to have main camera at 12 o clock. For front facing camera - it does not matter where it is on top or on the left/right side of the bezel

I still have most of what I want on my Galaxy Gear SM-V700 (except water tightness as the main thing)
and a lot of my requests are possible to solve on Kospet PRIME either by firmware update or software mods…
Work in progress on my side…
The problem with “big brands” is that NONE of them have camera any more…

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Android 7 is very closed in modern watches. No NFC. The front camera is needed in addition to the side camera. SIM card required. The main thing is the battery. After all, the duration of the device depends on this. The screen is better square. Screen compression is not an option.
Still would reflective light screen

I agree with that

that’s not going to happen, as far as I know apple watch is the only smartwatch(not counting fitness/sports watches) that have that great water resistance.

definitely not an important one, but I agree

would be nice, but probably too expensive at the moment

He didn’t say anything about the price tag, did he? I can’t speak for others, but myself I chose full android watches not because of the price, but because they actually fulfil most of my needs as opposed to the android wear watches which wouldn’t even come close to fulfilling my needs.

What I would most like to see in future watches would have to be nfc(I know that it most likely won’t work for mobile payments, but I still want to try for myself to get it working)

Well, I’m not asking that the watches should be able to make sandwiches for me


Good Battery life and a stable Bluetooth connection is must for a smartwatch which costs so high (1000+ yuan )…Recently launched xiaomi’s wear os device seems to be promising with the prize tag even lesser than full android smartwatches.

I think optimizing the software on our devices can be really helpful . Especially considering these are still running approx 3 year old version of Android .


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The Mi watch just has the MIUI launcher running on top of wear os i believe, so it isn’t of much use to me (and everyone in this forum i think)

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I would like to know how you use your device?