The Kospet PRIME Official post

No. NFC is useless because these devices are not supported by Google and do not have the required security patch levels as a result.

Basically, it means none of the payment services apps will work on these watches…


Please, I’m the only one with these problems with PRIME?

  • The Heart rate indicates well initially, but after some minutes (10 - 15 minutes…) the HRM gets stuck to some 80 when I should go > 110 for sure. (Same happen to me with Kospet optimus).

  • The steps counter counts a lot more steps than the real ones!!!.

  • The fitness applications DOES NOT count calories…nor sinch with google fit.

Am I the only one with these problems?. May solve it if it is only me?.


Have you performed a full factory reset?


I’ve done a FULL RESET, as you say, and with MyRunningApp and the Heartontop gets well the HRM (don’t know exactly the accuracy, but results are “logical”, not like before).

Tomorrow I’ll try the standard fitness apps ans see wether it gets it well.

Also, in “Low Power” mode, the prime shown +7hour. After full reset now gets it well.

I’ll try bluetooth if disconnects with iphone now and see…

Thanks a lot Pablo

A good option would be that in “low consumption” mode still bluetooth gets connected (even when it would consumes more power).
Or that when you return from low consumption to normal, it gets the previous state on whether bluetooth was connected or not, same for wifi, etc… (now when you return from low power…everything stays shut down).

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I’m going to remove these from this thread because it is not appropriate for this kind of discussion.
I will add your comments to the general chat discussions.

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I can confirm the following for Kospet PRIME:

  • Fitness standard app does provide nonsense values in the HRM. Provides too low values. I’ve done factory reset and is the same behaviour.
  • When I use Myrunningapp it reads well enough HRM (at least does not provide nonsenses).
  • Bluetooth disconnects from iPhone, and not sure the problem is iPhone, as Optimus PRO in Lite mode never disconnects…

I think our watch faces will look stupid cool on this! Me wanty!

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can please somebody share some informations about battery life in “normal” usage?
Thanks a lot

the problem is that everyone means something different when they speak of “normal” usage. For a good answer we need a precise question …


Pablo, sorry if it is not the appropriate place, but just a simple question: what is “Genesis”? a new watch?, a new OS?

Genesis is a new full android watch that will be running on android 7.1.1 . ( still in development )

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Thanks @Dr_Andy_Vishnu
Yeah, please don’t flood this thread with questions about other devices.
We will be posting official details about new devices as soon as they are available for us.
Until then please standby and watch out for new releases.
I’m hoping to post next week :handshake:


looks like I ain’t gonna be able to resist getting the prime after all. it’s just too damn hard.
is there by any chance gonna be a prime compatible twrp recovery made available by some good people of this fine forum?

have a good day

I think @deadman96385 compiled twrp for his prime a while back, I don’t have the link tho

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I would very much like to know more about this

Have a good day sir

As @pablo11 said- please don’t flood this thread witch questions about other devices. We will post some specs as soon as possible- but this thread is about the Kospet Prime.
Please, be patient.

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on this watch, press the clockskin, works?

On the Kospet Prime, you can change the watchfaces by press and hold.