DeWitt Academia Mathematical watch

The DeWitt Academia Mathematical watch. An extraordinary concept that I have never seen in the form before. A mechanical watch that represents the time without a single hand. A technical feat. And by the way - an extraordinary beauty.

Credits:- - Google Drive

This watch needs Universal Launcher. Using it on stocklauncher will brick your watch.

I’ve been thinking for a while about whether a Stocklauncher version is possible. But I haven’t found a way.

dewitt_1 dewitt_3 dewitt_2


Pure genius mate . Love it :+1:


An inspiration to all who pursue the impossible!


Thank you, @doubledad and @Dr_Andy_Vishnu.

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Awesome work


Thank you, @irohunk. I’m glad you like it.

Indeed, another piece of art!!! Just love it! I’m afraid that due to stocklauncher limitations, Gifs can’t be played. However, you have style! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Thank you, @vladimir_lutzu. I have an idea how I can also make this watch for Stocklauncher. I have to cheat a bit at one point, but it will always be able to show the right time.

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I wish you luck! If you succeed I would be more than grateful if you would share the solution with us.

I think you got me wrong, gif won’t work on stocklauncher. At least not to this extent.
But this watchface can also be realized without GIF’S. Just not that spectacular.

very cool, G1NT0N1C, it’s impossible for me do face as this.
as always.
thanks for share your work . :pray:

Thank you, @Malex. It was a while before I was satisfied with the result.

Nice work! Absolutely top, I will install on the thor pro.
I will be expecting a rectangular version on stock launcher ASAP!!

This version is not rectangular, but it works on Stocklauncher…-DeWitt Academia Mathematical for Stocklaucher

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You told me: “soon as possible…” :joy:


Haha that’s true. I’m not used to such efficiency :laughing:

At the beginning of facemaking I was very busy with the limited possibilities of the 5.1 face engine. I developed a few tricks back then, for example the double 3/4 wheel to represent a movement for less than a second.
Something like that can still be used today …
So I didn’t have to reinvent it, just remember it.


Interesting. I was going to ask about the 5.1 vs 7.1 diff thanks for the clearup

The Version 5 1 should be look exactly like 7.1, but it needs no GIF.

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Please do that !!!