Coolest Thing You've used a Smartwatch For?

I suspect there’s a lot of tech minded people with cool hobbies on this forum. Name the coolest ways you’ve used your smartwatch, whether it’s home automation, sports related, maybe an environmental process?

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According to Bosch - Neff home appliances i was the first person to connect my smartwatch to their home connect appliances via wifi . I could control the ovens , washers etc via my kingwear smartwatch . They even did a article on this featuring me :+1:. Very cool turning ovens and washers on and off using watch . Could even look inside fridge freezer from camera’s inside .


Just having a smartphone on the wrist. And having Nova installed, one step more for being a quasi-smartphone.
My main thought: Full autonomy.
4G with clone sim card.
Calls, Sms, Mails, Whatsapp, Wheater, Browsing, Molotov TV (in case…), FM radio, sometimes music by bluetooth…
All main things available.

For the rest, like real photos or news…sometimes on the (real) smartphone.

Maybe, a good solution against some addiction :slightly_smiling_face:

I took a bath without a bath plug.


I’ve felt like doing that with a few zeblaze watches :sweat_smile:


This is the only way to use Zeblaze devices for a long time…

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did you test if it can play music underwater? :joy:


While no where near as cool as using a watch for a bathtub plug (And who else but a Moderator would think of that! :crazy_face:) I did make a phone call on my watch from the local Shopping mall and people looked at me like I was balmy or something! Ok, Ok, so that part wasn’t cool! But it was cool to be using my watch like Dick Tracy did in those comics way back when! 6, 2 and even…over and out! (And you have to be a Tracy fan to know what that means!) :woozy_face: :rofl: Cheers, Doons


i run the torque app on the watch which can come in handy

The electricity was off, all the TVs were turned off, I watched the TV online
My friends looked at me in amazement.:joy::crazy_face:

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cheated on exams lol :rofl:.
This happens ways back to omate TS1 era, when FAW is almost unknown except for select people.