Continuous booting problem

Is there some solution, when Optimus 2 boots time after time, flashes only Kospet logo then blank screen and this repeats again.

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Inspired by a parallel thread, do you know what caused it, did it for example get wet from much sweat, rain or other source?


There is a very good chance that when it dies after recharge it will boot up as nornal . As @Dotsfar suggested this is common after running / exercise / moisture . Let me know how you get on

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Day before I was playing badminton (age 60, so not so hard :sweat_smile: ), but for this clock it should be ok?

This morning I put it to the charger (battery icon was red) and the same thing: just checked if it was loading from the lower button and the continous booting started again. :roll_eyes:

Any other ideas?

I still think any exercise is bad for this watch . I would leave it a few days in a warm place just to be sure then flash the firmware

Make sure you select " firmware upgrade " in flash tools


Since I suspect sweat was causing the problems, I would try the following first: Remove the SIM tray and put the switched off watch in a bag with rice in a warm place. I recommend at least 4 days.


Thank’s, is the firmware at discussion:

br, Kari

Its at the top of the first post :+1:

I thought that the first link was only marketing things :smile:, same file though, thanks.

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Make sure it’s dry before flashing. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Kari. :slight_smile:

Now, how’s your Optimus 2 ?
Still continues booting or already Ok ?

Cause my Optimus 2 have a same problem.

You should find after the battery dies the problem with stop . Have you been exercising before the problem started ?

I didn’t have this problem on my Optimus 2. But it has happened twice on my new 128g Optimus 2.
The first time when I was just adding apps from play store so no water/sweat. I let it sit over night and it quit cycling and booted. It worked great for another week, but then started again. This time I was wearing it around work here in Florida so sweat may have came into pay. It’s is still cycling now So I’ll wait till it stops a re flash it.

Will Kospet let me exchange it. Guess I’ll have to ask if it keeps acting up.

It is a well known weakness with this model because the flexible camera has a slot which can let moisture in - especially sweat.
I have used a sweat band on mine in the hot weather here in Australia.
I wear it under the watch.
Another idea would be to create a kind of “watch condom” lol…
Something that could be stretched over the rear and sides of the watch during sports activity or very hot weather.
I was thinking of small party balloon for example…
The problem with this idea of course is the strap attaching to the body.

I believe if you send it back then a partial refund would be the only option due the fact that it would happen again.
Of course - if you don’t ever need to move the camera - you could use a black silicone sealant to seal that tiny slot under the camera and the sim tray area as well.


I might try black electrical tape cut to size for the sim tray and other areas water might get in. of course the first step is to wait for it to stop cycling then boot it and reflash.
Thanks for the ideas.

Yeah, it’s hard to stop the bootloop.
It’s actually easier to flash the firmware during a bootloop.
You just load the flash tool.
Click on the download button in the flash tool.
Connect USB to the watch 1st and then attach the USB to your PC.
It will flash during the bootloop.

It’s only something to try if you are confident. It works for me.
Otherwise, just let the battery discharge

so I don’t have to wait for it to fully in order boot to flash? Great. I’ll give that a shot. I’ve flashed before so I’m familiar with the process.

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You will find as soon as the battery dies and you restart it , it will be fine. No need to flash. From my experience with exercise this always works


Update: I gave the watch time to “dry out”. I’m using an exactor knife to trim out electrical tape pieces to cover areas around SIM tray, camera, and sensors on the back. Hopefully it will help keep moisture out.
Of course, I’ve always got my original O2 as a backup if the problem resurfaces.
Thanks all.