Continuous booting problem

Is there some solution, when Optimus 2 boots time after time, flashes only Kospet logo then blank screen and this repeats again.

Inspired by a parallel thread, do you know what caused it, did it for example get wet from much sweat, rain or other source?


There is a very good chance that when it dies after recharge it will boot up as nornal . As @Dotsfar suggested this is common after running / exercise / moisture . Let me know how you get on

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Day before I was playing badminton (age 60, so not so hard :sweat_smile: ), but for this clock it should be ok?

This morning I put it to the charger (battery icon was red) and the same thing: just checked if it was loading from the lower button and the continous booting started again. :roll_eyes:

Any other ideas?

I still think any exercise is bad for this watch . I would leave it a few days in a warm place just to be sure then flash the firmware

Make sure you select " firmware upgrade " in flash tools


Since I suspect sweat was causing the problems, I would try the following first: Remove the SIM tray and put the switched off watch in a bag with rice in a warm place. I recommend at least 4 days.


Thank’s, is the firmware at discussion:

br, Kari

Its at the top of the first post :+1:

I thought that the first link was only marketing things :smile:, same file though, thanks.

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Make sure it’s dry before flashing. :slightly_smiling_face: